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Quiet Kat Fat Tire Electric Bikes for Hunters

Quiet Kat electric fat bikes are made for off-roading and to provide a portable, stealthy and powerful transportation alternative to motor vehicles. The lithium-ion battery supplies reliable power to the silent and strong motor for riding over all types of terrain.

The FatKat’s 48-volt lithium-ion battery powers the mid-drive motor, which has five power levels and can be operated without pedaling with a thumb throttle. The rider can shift through seven gears for various speeds and elevations. Disc brakes provide great stopping power in all kinds of conditions.

Whether you are riding a trail through the woods or enjoying a stress-free commute through town, QuietKat vehicles are the ideal solution.

Electric power is clean, green and silent. The batteries, motors and displays are fully sealed and waterproof.

These vehicles are great trail-riding machines, but have applications for hunting, security and law enforcement, college campus transportation, farming and industrial uses.

QuietKat products provide portable, lightweight, stealthy and powerful transportation for anyone looking to get off the beaten path. These electric machines go beyond the woods, making them great mobility tools around the home, at work and on the farm.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

All-terrain. Powerful. Fun.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Years ago, we used an electric golf cart to access hunting property quickly and quietly. We thought, "wouldn’t it be great to have something more portable and stealthy?" Thus, QuietKat was born.

What makes your product special?

There's no other outdoor product that can deliver such quiet and powerful mobility in the field. To get to your deer stand quickly, silently and scent free, there are no better access tools.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Working together to invent unique products that change the way people hunt and explore the great outdoors has been very rewarding.

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