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Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes, aka eMTB's, are built to handle the roughest off-road terrain. Normally, off-road riding takes you hours and depletes your energy, but with an electric mountain bike, you can ride up hills and across many more miles of terrain without becoming tired. There are three main types of electric mountain bikes, hardtail electric mountain bikes, dual-suspension electric mountain bikes, and high-performance electric mountain bikes. 

Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes are the simplest of the three. These come with front shocks to handle rough bumps but save weight by eliminating the rear shock system. Electric mountain bikes are best enjoyed by sitting down and riding with the pedal-assist system, so our customers often have the best experience riding the dual-suspension alternatives.

Dual-suspension Electric Mountain Bikes are built to take you everywhere you want to go in comfort and in style. After taking a spin on one of these all-terrain vehicles, you will never want to go back to a hardtail e-bike again. The best advantage of a dual suspension is your ability to stay planted in your seat and harness the most energy from your motor using the pedal-assist function. 

High-performance Electric Mountain Bikes are the cream of the crop. These powerful e-bikes are built to climb up any hill and hit speeds as fast as dirt bikes. These models are more expensive, but for the ultimate adrenaline junkie and e-bike enthusiast, cost is no matter to the amount of thrill one of these juiced up e-bikes will provide. High-performance models often come with batteries exceeding 36V-48V and motors at or above 500W-750W of power output. 

Our eMTB's come with two main types of motors, mid-motors and rear hub motors. Rear hub motors are the most common for their all-around functionality, however, mid-motors are often preferred by off-road enthusiasts looking to get the most torque and best efficiency from their use of the e-bike. We highly recommend getting a mid-motor and dual-suspension style eMTB if you plan to do a lot of hill climbing and off-road riding. If you plan to use the electric mountain bike as a dual-purpose bike, on-road and off-road, you can stick with a rear hub motor and hardtail version which should also save you some money as well. 

There are three types of batteries you should be aware of, the seat post mounted battery, the rear rack mounted battery, and the integrated frame battery. Seat post batteries are common on the lower-priced models, whereas rear-rack mounted batteries are on the mid-level models and integrated frame batteries are more prevalent amongst the higher-priced models. Our favorite for off-road riding is the integrated frame battery as it keeps the battery contained and protected from the elements the best. 

Our favorite for off-road riding is the integrated frame battery as it keeps the battery contained and protected from the elements the best. The Seatpost-mounted battery and rear rack mounted battery is great for dual-purpose riding, but these models often have their weight distributed more towards the back of the e-bike, making your turning less fluid. We highly recommend the integrated battery style for off-road use, but if you plan to commute with your eMTB, you can stick with the seat post mounted or rear rack mounted versions and save some money. 

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