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Electric Folding Bikes

Looking for a way to store your bicycle easily, yet be able to take it out for a ride at a moment's notice and travel for 10-20 miles? If this sounds like a good idea, then a folding electric bike may be the perfect solution for you. The average folding electric bike weighs in at just 40-50 pounds, making it one of the most versatile e-bike styles on the market. 

There are three main types of folding e-bikes, full-size folding electric bikes, mini folding electric bikes, and fat tire folding electric bikes. Each one has its own set of advantages. 

Full-size folding electric bikes are built just like a regular electric mountain bike but have a frame that is made to fold in half. These come with 26" wheels and front shocks, so they are a bit heavier than mini folding electric bikes, but come with the advantage of off-road riding and covering longer distances with the same pedal stroke thanks to the bigger wheel size. 

Mini folding electric bikes are very popular thanks to their light weight and small frame construction. They are perfect for people looking to have an e-bike to use while vacationing on their boat or RV, or for those who commute and are looking for an electric vehicle to get them past that last mile. These come with smaller wheel sizes, usually 16"-20", making them more maneuverable at slower speeds than a full-size e-bike. 

Fat tire folding electric bikes are a new style that is becoming popular in 2017. This unique take on the original fat tire e-bike design is giving people the perfect way to bring their beach or snow bike with them wherever they want to go by just folding the electric bike and putting it in the back of their car or SUV. 

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