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Electric City Bikes

Electric City Bikes are made for the urban environment. They are built like a hybrid road bike to be comfortable yet efficient. Slice through your city streets in style with one of our high-quality affordable Electric City Bikes.

There are two different types of electric city bikes and each one is right for a different type of rider. We have electric commuter bikes (aka electric hybrid bikes), and electric comfort bikes.

Electric commuter bikes, also known as electric hybrid bikes, are made for the urban commuter. Riders often pedal for 10-20 miles per day or more to work and back and joy ride on the weekends. On a regular bicycle, this amount of riding can be exhausting, but on an e-bike, it's super fun. They are known as electric hybrid bicycles because they are made with the wheels of a road bike and the handlebars of a mountain bike for comfort and maneuverability.

Electric comfort bikes are made specifically for people who want an upright riding style and a step-through frame for easy mounting. These popular e-bikes are built with wider saddles and swept-back handlebars to make cycling as comfortable a possible. Benefits include helping ladies who can ride while wearing their dress and older riders who can avoid swinging their legs over the bike to mount it.

Electric city bikes are quickly becoming the best way to commute thanks to their obvious exercise benefits coupled with avoiding pain and over-exhaustion, plus the benefit of avoiding traffic jams.