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Electric Cruiser Bikes

Cruise with style and speed on an Electric Cruiser Bike. These electric bicycles are especially fun to ride because of the big soft seats and wide handlebars and the upright seating position which makes the whole beach cruising experience so easy going. 

Key Points of Electric Cruiser Bikes

There are some differences between Electric Cruiser Bikes and the rest of our electric bike lineup including the swept-back handlebars, the wavy-looking frame which can also be step-through for women or men with bad knees. They often include the battery mounted on the rear rack to accommodate the step-through frame, but can also include it mounted on the seat tube. 

They always come with throttle-only or pedal-assist mode options and the nicer models come with multiple levels of pedal-assist. Our Electric Cruiser Bikes are perfect for any city riding, not just the beach path. You can cruise up to 20mph on many of our models which is faster than most road bikers who ride spandex. This can feel a little awkward at first, but after you leave them in the dust you won't be able to hide your smile!

Best Electric Cruiser Bike Brands

As an authorized dealer of every brand we cary, we offer only the best brands of Electric Cruiser Bikes that provide manufacturer warranties in case anything malfunctions during regular usage. These hand-picked brands currently include X-treme, Bat-Bike, and ProdecoTech. If you are looking for a specific brand but don't see it on our website, contact us to let us know, or better yet, contact the brand and ask them to sell their products on!

If you would like to speak to an Electric Cruiser Bike specialist, simply call or email us.



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