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Which Electric Bike Should I Buy? 36 Best Electric Bikes Available Today

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If you're searching online for information about which electric bike you should buy, you may be frustrated with the amount of disorganized information available online. We've made it our mission to educate you about electric bikes and to make it easy to make an informed buying decision. So, as a result, we wrote this awesome article.

This article is all about the different types of electric bikes available. Below, you'll find information about different frame styles, different electric bike types, battery and frame combinations, and answers to common questions you may have about which electric bike is right for you.

First, check out this video to get an idea about one of the main differences in e-bikes, the motor type.

Different Styles

There are a wide variety of electric bike styles: city, mountain, beach cruiser, folding, fat tire, cargo, and more. Each different style will perform and handle in a different way. Each style is made for a specific type of person and their needs. Each has its pros and cons and each has a different price tag. 

In this article, our goal is to educate you about each different style so that you can make an informed buying decision when you're ready to make your purchase.

Straight Frame vs. Step-through Frame

Straight Frame vs. Step-through Frame

Pictured from left to right: X-treme Trail Maker and X-treme Trail Climber.

Many electric bikes come with the regular straight top tube you are used to seeing on bicycles, but many e-bikes are made with step-through frames now. These frames accommodate ladies wearing dresses and men or women with back pain. These step-through frames are easily mounted and dismounted. 

Electric City Bikes

electric city bikes

City electric bikes are made to be more efficient and to ride across miles of cement. They don’t usually come with shocks or a comfortable seat as they are made for the rider to sit lightly on the seat. The handlebars are lower and farther forward to lower the rider's posture and decrease wind resistance.

Our best selling Electric City Bikes:

Electric Mountain Bikes

electric mountain bikes  

Electric mountain bikes are built for the adrenaline junkie. They allow you to travel great distances across ups and downs that would normally take you many more hours and lots of energy. It's important that you get a mountain bike that's made of high-quality components to ensure you never deal with a breakdown.

The Electric Mountain Bikes we recommend:

Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes

electric beach cruiser bikes

Beach cruiser electric bikes will come with a big plush and padded seat along with wide handlebars, both are provided to create a comfortable, upright riding posture and more enjoyable riding experience. These beach cruisers can go much faster than your normal beach cruiser, though, so the riding experience will be much more thrilling. 

We recommend the following electric beach cruiser bikes: 

Electric Folding Bikes

electric folding bikes

Folding electric bikes are perfect hybrid bicycles for the urban environment. You can often fold them up small enough to fit into the trunk of a car, a train or bus, your cubicle or apartment closet. They are versatile and fast. They are made to be ridden with a more upright riding posture but don’t come with shocks or a comfortable seat. This is to save weight and space. They usually come with smaller wheels, which makes them a little more maneuverable in tight spaces as well.

Our best electric folding bikes are the:

Electric Fat Tire Bikes


The electric fat tire bike revolution has begun. Many enthusiasts are taking to the beaches and deserts to enjoy the ultimate sand buggy. These two-wheeled behemoths come with electric batteries and motors to keep you going even through the toughest of sand. 

We highly recommend our best electric fat tire bikes: 

Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric Fat Tire Bikes

Electric cargo bikes or electric cargo bicycles are e-bikes that can carry cargo like boxes or even children. They are really convenient for people needing to haul things short distances around their city. Electric e-bikes work great for delivering packages and for hauling kids around for a leisure day out at the park.
Here are some great examples of the best electric cargo bikes:

Frame Material and Battery Combination

Aluminum vs steel

Electric bikes are made with one of two different frame materials, aluminum or steel. Each frame material comes with its own battery combination. 

lithium ion vs sealed lead acid battery


Aluminum is the most popular type as it is lighter, but it is also more expensive and includes a lithium-ion battery pack. Steel still has its place in the market as the low-cost alternative for those seeking a budget-friendly electric bike or those just getting started with electric bikes and looking to get their feet wet while saving money and it comes with a sealed-lead-acid battery pack.

In this section, we'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of each frame material so you can make your own decision.

Aluminum and Lithium-Ion Battery Combination

X-Treme Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike

The most popular frame material by far is aluminum. It is lighter weight, sometimes saving up to 10 pounds off the weight of a steel frame alternative. When you're talking the difference between 50 and 60 pounds, it matters. The biggest benefit to choosing an aluminum frame electric bike is that you'll also get a lithium-ion battery. Li-ion batteries are much lighter than sealed-lead-acid batteries, have a longer lifespan, are faster to charge, and are less dangerous. 

The X-Treme Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike has an aluminu alloy frame and a lithium ion battery combination, making it the lightest weight e-bike in its price range.

Steel and Sealed-Lead-Acid Battery Combination

X-treme Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike

If you are on a budget but still want to begin your electric bike journey, you may have to settle with an e-bike that comes with a steel frame and sealed-lead-acid battery combination. There is nothing wrong with this combo, in fact, I highly recommend it for beginners. The prices are usually much lower on these models, often $300 or less than the least expensive aluminum and lithium-ion battery combo e-bike, making this style of e-bike the perfect package for the budget-conscious consumer, beginner, or younger rider who can handle a heavier e-bike.

There are some drawbacks to going with this less expensive option including a heavier weight which makes it more difficult to handle, a shorter battery lifespan, and a longer battery charge time, not to mention the danger of a possible battery meltdown due to overheating and having an extremely toxic lead leak out. Take extra precaution with this style of e-bike to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you.

The X-treme Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike has a steel frame and a sealed lead acid battery, making it a bit more heavy that its aluminum and lithium ion counterpart, however, it costs $200 less, making it the best choice for beginners and shoppers on a budget.

What Are Your Wants and Needs?

Choosing an electric bike is often a matter of defining how and where you’ll be riding it. The main purpose of buying an e-bike is to even out your riding terrain and help you ride your bicycle farther than you've ever ridden before. With this in mind, we suggest you take a hard look at the following questions:

  • How fast do you want to go? This will determine which voltage and wattage you will need your e-bike to have.
  • How far do you want to go? This will determine how many amp hours your battery has (you can think of that as your gas tank, the more amp hours, the more energy can be stored per charge.)
  • How hilly is the terrain? If you plan to ride up steep hills, you will need an e-bike with more volts.
  • How much weight will you be putting on it? (yourself and your cargo included). If you weigh a lot or need to carry heavy cargo, you will need an e-bike with more volts and watts and cargo carriers.
  • Will you be riding on-road or off-road? If you plan to ride on-road only, you can forgo an e-bike with shocks, but if you plan to ride off-road, you should at least have front shocks and consider getting an e-bike with rear shocks as well.
  • How bumpy or smooth will your ride be? Even if you plan to ride on-road, 
  • Do you have a bad back or bad knees and need extra support to ride comfortably? You should look at e-bikes that have handlebars that are more conducive to an upright seated position and a big seat that has 
  • Do you have a place to easily store it?
  • Will you need to store it in an RV, boat, or apartment where space is a concern?

Electric Bike Prices

Now that you understand what the differences between all the types of electric bikes that are available to fill your needs, it's time to start looking at your budget and find the best electric bike price for your wallet. Hopefully, you have an understanding of what you have to gain from going with a more expensive model, but you can also get some great deals on high quality e-bikes by signing up for our email list and getting sales promotion notifications. 

If you're ready to learn more about the differences between electric bike price ranges, read our guide on Electric Bike Prices.

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  • Very informative article. Since I am 78 years old and want to ride on hard surfaces, do not want to bend over, want a comfortable seat, would like a bike that would go 20 or more miles on a charge and be light weight your article will help me make that decision.

    Gary Piellusch on

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