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Top Five Tips for Buying an E-Bike for 2020

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This video and written guide will help you navigate the complicated specifications and features you'll find when researching electric bikes.  When we first got involved in the e-bike industry years ago, reading through the specifications of various electric bikes was about as easy to understand as a foreign language (as in not easy at all!).  In this article we'll highlight the most essential features to pay attention to when shopping for an electric bike in order to help you get the most value for your bike.  


Check out the video guide here:


1. Think carefully about what type of riding you'll be doing on your new E-bike

top five tips for buying an e-bike for 2020

Are you planning to ride mostly on the beach or boardwalk? Consider a beach cruiser and wider tires to support sandy rides.  Something like the Emojo Breeze Cruiser E-bike if you like a step through style or the Emojo Hurricane Cruiser E-Bike that will keep you comfortable during your ride.

Are you planning to use it for running errands in the city and light off-road use? Look for an E-bike that is safe and designed for city riding. Something like the A2B Speed Electric Bike which features integrated lights and includes a rear view mirror.

Is your first priority shredding trails, riding off-road single track and Jeep trails, and maybe even hunting on your E-bike? You're definitely going to want a front suspension or dual suspension Electric mountain bike, fatter tires (2.5in-5in) are better for snowy and soft terrain, or if you're trying to ride fast you might stick with smaller tires (2in-2.5in).  Electric bikes from Addmotor, X-treme Bikes, and Quietkat are great brands to consider.

2.  Research the E-bike website or store where you're purchasing your bike.

Before pulling the trigger on a purchase you should always read some other user reviews about the brand and bike you're purchasing.  Call the store if you want to vet them a bit more, understand the money back and return policy and any restocking fees.  Stores such as ours offer minimal restocking fees, excellent warranties ranging from 6-months to multiple years on certain components and frames, and we are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction goal.  We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy or are proactive about processing returns when they are not.  

3. Watch Electric Bike Review videos to gather more information.

You can learn a lot by watching Electric Bike Review videos from trusted sources such as and but always keep in mind that many of these reviews are sponsored by the brands.  In some cases you can find the store you're purchasing the E-bike from has done a ride test and review video themselves.  We've done this on several bikes from Addmotor and A2B, here's our A2B Speed Electric Bike Ride Test & Review.  And you can see more on our Electric Bike City Youtube channel here.

4. Consider the battery voltage, type of battery, and total energy capacity in Amp-hours (ignore range claims).

E-bike manufacturer and stores will generally give a mileage range for an e-bike.  When you're buying an E-bike you should pay much closer attention to the voltage, type of battery material, and total energy capacity in Ah.  

Voltage = Acceleration ----- 24V and below won't accelerate as quickly as 36-48V E-bikes

Lithium is king ---- don't even consider an e-bike that isn't using some type of lithium battery, unless you are looking at a very heavy E-scooter or large tandem or three-wheel e-bike.

Energy (Amp-hours) = Range ---- it is very difficult to accurately predict range.  Most E-bike manufacturers will claim about 10-15 miles of range for every 3Ah of capacity.  If you plan to ride up to 20 or 30 miles on one charge then you should look for E-bikes with at least 10 Ah capacity.  A heavier rider and Ebike or rocky and hilly terrain will reduce the range you can achieve.  If you can find an E-bike that offers less than $150 per Ah capacity you found yourself a winner.  One of the most competitive E-bikes on the market for $ per Ah is the A2B Speed at $130 per Ah with its current $1699 price point and 13Ah battery.

top five tips for buying an e-bike for 2020

5. Buy within the US.

It's easy to find E-bikes from overseas sellers that are being sold at a big discount compared to local sellers.  We've heard many horror stories about buyers who received non-functioning or poorly designed e-bikes where the cost of the product exceeds the shipping cost back to the overseas seller.  It's very important to understand how the store you're buying from will support you and handle your return.  Buying within the U.S. from a trusted site such as will protect your purchase.

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