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To Gym or not to Gym

Posted by Rose Joie Javier on

"Exercise? I thought you said Extra Fries"

Said everybody who procrastinates on going to the gym. To be honest, I admire people who have the determination to go to the gym a couple of times a week. I don’t believe that people who neglect going to the gym are all just about excuses either. Life happens, and we are all always in 200 places at the same time. You can’t vouch off someone’s everyday struggles as “excuses”. These days, half the people I see inside the gym are just there to announce to social media that they are at the gym. And most likely, the 50% of the people who drag themselves to the gym aren’t really happy to be at the gym either. They looked forced. Which adds to the diet anxiety, which would lead you to overthink, which leads to feeling deprived which leads to stress eating. C’mon, I know you know the cycle.

People just struggle to find something that they enjoy while getting that much needed exercise. And most people give in to going to the gym because well, everybody’s doing it. Gone are the days when you think “hmm, I want to exercise. I need to exercise” and then “GYM” would be the place to be. Nope. It’s not the place to be. Not anymore anyway.

Bikes have been here long enough for people would care to admit. I think once you learn how to ride a bike, it just gets left behind as to an outdoor activity you used to do as a kid. And then you grow up and it feels just like a distant memory. 

Ah, but then a game changer came. Electric Bikes.

Hang on, I see those dollar signs popping out of your thought bubble.Yes, your basic Electric Bicycle costs a lot,

A2B SPEED srp $1699

Let's do the math. Your average gym membership cost is $58-$70 a month. That's $696-$840 a year that you will use for a number of days a week. And that monthly subscription fee still stands even if you would only go to the gym once or twice a month. Its not practical. The Electric Bike stays with you for the one time cost no matter how many times you want to ride a week, a month or a year. And even if you don't use it, you can always just take out of you're garage when you're ready to use it again. 

Imagine burning all the carbs and calories, with the ease of pedaling,while also getting some Vitamin D, feeling the rush and breeze in your face and not being cooped up in a large room full of sweaty people. That's hitting a lot of birds with one big stone.

Investment is key. And you'll feel less guilty about those French fries too.

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