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Comparing the A2B Entz the Trek Super Commuter +8s

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Comparing the A2B Entz the Trek Super Commuter +8s

In an earlier blog post, we compared the A2B Entz belt-drive E-bike to the Trek Supercommuter+ 7.  In this blog post, we will compare the specifications and features of the A2B Entz and the Trek Supercommuter+ 8s.  The Trek Supercommuter+ 8s is an upgraded electric commuting bike to the model 7. Similar to the model 7 counterpart, both the A2B Entz and Trek Supercommuter+ 8s are two of the best electric commuting bikes on the market. The aim of this article is to help you understand the differences between these two bikes, and hopefully assist you with your next electric bike purchase. By the end...

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