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How To Get The Most Out of Your New Electric Bike

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Once you have the bicycle assembled properly, it’s time to ride it! Here are some tips on getting the best performance out of your new electric bicycle.


Use the pedal assist mode

This is triggered by the red “PAS” switch on the right handle next to the twist throttle. This pedal assist mode will only work when you pedal the bicycle, but the output of the motor will be greatly increased and you’ll be able to go much faster, sometimes up to 5mph faster! If you only use the twist throttle, you won’t go as fast because you aren’t pedaling and the motor will not put out as much energy. This setting was created to help save battery life when you use the throttle a lot.

Use the gears

You can still use this electric bicycle like a regular bicycle. Every bike comes with at least 7 gears. You will find the switch on the right handle next to the throttle and pedal assist button. Start from the lowest gear when you are riding from a dead stop. This will help take strain off the battery and prolong the life of the battery. You can then move up to the highest gear when you reach cruising speed.



Maintenance should be performed on your bicycle every hundred miles or so. This includes cleaning the mechanical systems with soap and water, then reapplying lubricant. You can take your electric bike to any bike shop for mechanical maintenance. If you choose not to maintain your bike for any reason, your ability to get parts replaced under the limited manufactures warranty will be harder to achieve. All moving mechanical parts need to be cleaned depending on their amount of use and it is your responsibility as the owner of your electric bike to take care of it.


Safety and Etiquette

There are many things you should know about riding your electric bike for your own safety like rules of the road and proper bike path etiquette. Also, please be forewarned that these electric bicycles are not made to be ridden roughly. You should take care to not ride them off curbs or other embankments. Such riding can result in the electronics getting damaged and the warranty doesn’t cover rider abuse. Take care when riding your electric bicycle and the e-bike will take care of you.

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