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How To Assemble The X-treme XB-504 Electric Bike

Posted by Rommel Lim on

X-Treme Scooters is among the longest running electric scooter and bicycle manufacturers in the market, going back to 2001. The company has acquired a level of experience that a lot of competing companies could not match. The XB-504 electric bicycle is an update, but only cosmetically, as much of its fundamentals are derived from its predecessors (especially the XB-502).  The XB-504 works in a similar way to most scooters in the class. It has four 12 volt lead acid batteries that power a 48 volt 500 watt motor. Brake and throttle levers on either handle let the driver adjust speed and engage the front as well as the rear drum brakes. A safety key ignition system helps the bike to be kept secure if you are not riding it. Because of the lower wattage and the speed limit, the XB-504 is technically classified as an electric powered bicycle and not a moped. Because of this, the owner is cleared any responsibility of registration, insurance, or licensing needed in order to drive. The XB-504 does include pedals, which further classifies it under the category of electric bike and the pedals power the bicycle manually. The XB-504 comes with the usual stuff of electric bicycles such as horn, mirrors, head light, tail light, battery level and speedometer. The dashboard display on the XB-504 has traditional analog dials and not the digital displays that a lot of modern units come with.

The manual says it all and shows real world color photos of the scooter, something that does not always appear in manuals. This makes troubleshooting and assembly easier. You can access the online manual at Front as well as rear shocks are going to help you on bumpy roads to experience an enjoyable ride on regular 16” tires. The maximum rider weight is suggest to not go over 300 lbs. You could order the scooter in a small variety of colors: burgundy, black or blue. The XB-504 is pretty regular in terms of speed and range, again, matching other scooters in its class. You could expect around 20-25 miles for every full charge, with the speed topping around 20 miles per hour which is within the safe and legal limit for this kind of vehicle. Now, to the assembly part:

After you remove the cardboard carton and the metal crate, disconnect all the wires that are holding the items in place and remove all protective packaging foam. Take the axle out from the front fork and shipping crate and set it aside but do not discard it.  Make sure you carefully follow the following steps without missing anything:

Installing the front wheel and brake

1. Insert brake hub into the wheel.
2. Slide wheel into front forks making sure that the brake hub bracket is aligned with right side fork. This is such that when you sit on the bike, the front brake is on your left side of the front wheel.
3. Slide axle through the left fork then the spacer before inserting it into the left side of the front wheel.
4. Secure with nut on the right side (the brake side) and securely tighten.

Installing the handlebar

1. Locate and set aside the handlebar bolt, washer and nut.
2. Slide handlebars over post in the right position, then insert the bolt and concave washer into the front (speedometer side) of the handlebars and secure with nut on the back (riders side). The concave washer must be partially inserted into the handlebar and make contact with the internal post to be properly tightened and secured.

Face cover installation

1. Locate and remove the packing material from face cover.
2. Line up face cover to front scooter making sure that the plastic clips underneath do not break.
3. Slide the face cover into place and then snap.
4. Lastly, secure to the front of scooter using 2 enclosed screws.

Trunk, pedals and mirror installation

1. Attach trunk to back cargo rack with the use of 4 enclosed bolts, nuts and washers. Secure to the rack with washers and nuts on the underside.
2. Attach left and right foot pedals relative to the correct side by lining up the pedal with bearing on pedal shaft and snap into place.
3. Screw left and right mirrors into place and adjust to the right riding need.

Front Fender installation

1. Locate and remove packing material from the front fender.
2. Line up face cover to front fork of the scooter.
3. Lastly, secure to front of scooter with the use of 4 enclosed screws.

Connecting and charging the battery for the first time

1. Make sure that two battery connectors are connected.
2. Make sure that the connector between socket and battery wire are connected.
3. Charge the battery completely for 8 hours before using. DO NOT CHARGE FOR MORE THAN 8 HOURS BECAUSE THIS MIGHT CAUSE BATTERY DAMAGE.

Tire inflation

Lastly, inflate both tires to minimum recommended tire pressure which depends on the number of riders which will be using the bicycle. The recommended tire pressure is between 35-45 PSI. It is not recommended to fill the tire to 45 PSI. Make sure that you check all nut screws and bolts as well as the ones mentioned in the set up, for tightness as well as fit before you ride.

Overall, there is nothing unique and special about the XB-504 compared to regular scooters and/or mopeds or electric bikes for that matter. It’s quite ok though because the electric bike receives top marks for all criteria including the basics that you expect to find on a power assisted bicycle scooter. Not everything good can be said about the XB-504 though. Just like all scooters and electric bikes, the performance can vary depending on driving conditions. It has to be noted that by not installing the included pedals, the scooter might not pass inspection as an electric bicycle. Make sure that you check with your local laws about this.  What bothers most people most about this bike though is that it still uses old-style sealed lead acid batteries. It raises the weight of the bike to 176 lbs. and there is also the dire warning of not overcharging the SLA batteries to more than 8 hours.

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