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How To Assemble The Enzo Electric Bike

Posted by Rommel Lim on

The Enzo electric bicycle is a folding bicycle that suits any rider’s needs. When it is first shipped to the buyer, the bicycle is almost assembled and ready to use except for the handlebars and the fact that it is in a folded position. There is therefore little to talk about in terms of assembling the bicycle, so let’s talk about the bicycle itself first. On the whole, the Enzo electric bicycle is a folding electric bicycle made to be durable and water resistant. The cast rims can handle more weight than average bicycles and the stainless hardware will not rust. It showcases complete fenders, a strong gear rack, large reflective tires and LED lights that you can further upgrade using a suspension seat post and a fork for maximum comfort. The motor and also the battery pack are completely hidden by the frame as well as the wheel design but you could still remove the battery for off-bike storage and charging. Optional battery, charger, motor and drivetrain upgrades are what make the Enzo electric bicycle truly unique. The rear light is not wired-in and runs on disposable AA batteries. The key has to be left in so the bicycle stays on. There are no brake lever inhibitors even if it uses a cadence sensor to activate but the hydraulic disc brakes are somewhat powerful.

Enzo Ebikes, the manufacturer, is an electric bike company based in Miami, Florida and focuses mainly on producing and designing folding products. Since they have been around since 2013, they offer one of the best warranties for electric bicycles in the market. They are also a dominantly “online company” which means you get comprehensive online and phone support. The bicycle comes in two options, a 300 watt motor or an upgraded 500 watt motor. The motor brand, if you are interested to know is 8Fun. It is a rear-mounted gear hub. As for the battery, the bicycle comes with a Samsung Lithium-ion battery. The battery is 36 volts and 10.4 AH. Battery watt hours total to 374.4 wh. The time it takes to charge the battery is 2.5 hours and has an estimated minimum range of 20 miles and a maximum range of 40 miles. At this rate, the bicycle has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The display panel on the electric bicycle is a fixed backlit monochrome LCD with a tap power for backlight and headlight. On the panel, you may see readouts such as power output (eco, power and normal), speed assist level (0-5), battery voltage, battery level (5 bars), odometer, timer and trip meter.

The total weight of the bicycle is 49.5 lbs. and the battery weighs 3.9 lbs. This is because the bicycle is made out of 6061 aluminum alloy. It also has a frame size of 14 inches. When unfolded, the seat tube 14.25 inches, the reach is 22.75 inches, stand over height of 24.75 inches. It has a total length of 65 inches when unfolded. When folded its height becomes 27 inches, width becomes 18 inches and length, 35.5 inches. The frame colors come in black, silver, white, pink, blue, orange, green, yellow and red. The bicycle has a 7 speed 1X7 Shimano Tourney and the brakes are Shimano hydraulic discs with 160 mm rotors, Shimano levers with adjustable reach. The rims are cast magnesium with 40 mm width.

Now on how to assemble the handlebars:

1. When your e-bike is first shipped, the handlebars are not attached. There are two steps to assemble this. First, you remove the handlebar from the collapsed state. In order to do this, just straighten the handlebar frame until it becomes perpendicular to the ground. When it is complete, use the metal clasp on the side of the frame in order to lock the collapsible joint in place and insert the safety lock. If you do this properly, there will be no movement of the lock or handlebars or safety latch. Next, you insert the loose handlebars into the handlebar stem with brakes facing upward and push down. You could raise or lower the handlebars as you please until you find a height that is comfortable for riding. When it is complete, just pull the locking mechanism displayed below backward so that you can secure the handlebars in place. Just make sure that the lock is snug and that there is no movement.

2. Also, when the bicycle is shipped, it is in a folded position. To assemble this, just unfold the bike until the frame is perfectly straight and use the metal clasp on the frame to lock the joint together. NEVER FORGET TO INSERT THE SAFETY LOCK.  There must be no movement at the collapse point if you did it properly.

The throttle is found on the left part of your handlebars. It is a single-speed throttle. This does not engage unless the rear wheel moves. To engage the throttle, push the throttle button away from you while you are seated on the bicycle. There is an automatic SHUT OFF of the throttle on the levers of the brake. Each time you press the brake lever, the power coming from the motor is disconnected. There are 6 external gears on your bicycle. They are found on the right side of your handlebars. To shift between gears, just move the shifter up and down till you get the correct gear in. The battery is really top of the line and designed mainly for the Enzo. The battery is sealed safely inside the frame of the bicycle so that no damage can come to it. The battery needs to be recharged after use. The normal life cycle of the battery if continuously discharged and recharged is around 3-5 years or 800-2000 recharges. After this, the storage capacity is going to decline. Make sure that you fully charge the battery before you use it.  Wheels must be centered in the fork or dropouts. If you hear irregular noises from the brakes or the wheels, the wheels must be repaired and checked.

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