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How To Assemble The E-Joe 2017 EPIK SE Electric Bike

Posted by Rommel Lim on

The E-Joe Epik SE is a pretty popular bicycle and the 2017 edition has a lot of upgrades such as a 350 watt geared hub motor, a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and a simple front suspension fork. What is so amazing about the Epik is that it provides 3 levels of pedal assist and the thumb throttle control, so that you could switch between assist mode, throttle only or no assist at all. The bicycle has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It has a 36V 9AH Lithium-ion battery that is hidden inside a 6061 aluminum alloy frame. A full charge of the battery should take about 4 hours and it could also help you ride up to 20-30 miles in assisted mode. The weight of the bicycle is 42 lbs. and when folded measures 35 inches X 24 inches X 17 inches. You could get the bicycle in blue, white or black.

When you receive the bicycle as a shipment, it is pretty much assembled so there is no need to worry about assembling it. You do have to make sure that these parts are included in the package:

* The main body of the electric bicycle which consists of the following:

- Frame
- Rear Wheel
- Gear and Chain
- Rear Brake
- Battery
- Rear Fender

* The handlebar sub-assembly:

- The sub-assembly is still connected to the main body by the electric wires and the brake cables. The handlebars has gear controls and the brake levers already assembled. In addition, the right handle also has an integrated control for the throttle power-assisted mode, and the left side has Power Assist Display with a battery charge level indicator.

* The seat (or saddle) which is hooked to the pedestal stem
* The front wheel with front brakes
* The front wheel fender with supports
* Front and rear reflector assembly (on IED lights)
* Front and rear LED lights
* Pedals (2)
* Battery charger – in a different box
* Mini tool kit for assembly and/or repairs
* Keys (2)

If any of these parts are missing, you should contact your dealer or e-Joe Bicycle.

You could also make adjustments to the seat and handlebar height. For the handlebar height, first, you unlatch the locking lever at the top of the folding pipe. Then you move the vertical handle stem to the appropriate height making sure that you do not exceed the safety mark. Lastly, screw on the lead screw in the handle core. For the seat, you simply follow the max mark line, open and the open and close marks to get the best seat alignment for you. The Epik SE could be folded quite easily for travel and storage. The pedals can be folded by pressing the end of the pedal inward and then upwards. For the folding pipe, locate the locking lever at the base of the folding pipe. First, slide the safety clip ring away from the lever, and then pull the locking lever out and down towards the floor. Second, push down and out the handlebars to fold the pipe by the hinge. For the frame, locate the frame-locking lever on the right side of the frame. Unlock the frame by 1st moving the black safety clip upwards, and then pull the silver locking lever out and towards the rear of the bicycle.

Overall, the E-Joe 2017 EPIK SE is a comfortable, highly adjustable, value-priced folding electric bike that is a third generation build with a lot of changes and upgrades such as a more durable battery connection point. It has a color-matched suspension fork and swept-back handlebar with adjustable height that improves comfort. In addition, there are integrated plastic fenders, a built-in rack and front and rear independent lights that greatly improve safety and utility. It has a removable battery pack with on/off switch and an integrated USB charging port for portable electronics. The magnetic clasp system keeps the bicycle folded but may not be super solid. It has four fun color options. On a positive note, the 500 watt internally geared hub motor provides increased power and torque compared to previous E-Joe Epic electric bike models. It climbs better and gets a mechanical advantage from the smaller wheel size 20” diameter.

The E-Joe has improved the drivetrain with the use of a larger 52 tooth chainring that offsets the smaller wheels, which spin faster, in short, it pedals more naturally at higher speeds up to 20 miles per hour. The display panel is compact but simple to use and quite easy to read. The new trigger throttle is quite enjoyable because it is easy to press and is built into the display so the cockpit is not as cluttered. This seems like a throttle that could be easy to use even if you have short fingers or sensitive pains. The bicycle also comes with all of the accessories that you really need and work pretty well from the fenders to the rack and even the lights.

On the not so positive note, the bicycle is priced at $1,599 and this is no longer among the more affordable bikes around. This is due partially to the high powered motor and battery upgrade to 48 volts. Even if the thing looks compact, the bike still weighs over 51 lbs., most folding electric bikes are heavier than they look so at least the battery is removable for a savings of 5lbs. If you want, the front wheel has a quick release so you could reduce another couple of pounds. You could also hear a bit of noise coming from the engine as you accelerate in the higher assist levels or use the trigger throttle at full power. The suspension fork also does not have a lot of lockout so it might bob up and down as you pedal and dive forward if you stop hard. This is better than a rigid fork though and it is not all that fancy and versatile.

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