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Electric Bikes are transforming modern transportation

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Electric Bikes are transforming modern transportation

Electric Bikes have been in the news a lot lately, so exactly how does an electric bike work?

Electric bikes work like a regular bicycle.  There are two wheels, a bike frame, and pedals  attached via a chain and chain rings to the rear hub of the bicycle.  An electric bicycle also includes a motor that is generally mounted in the rear hub of the electric bike and batteries that provide power to the motor.  The motor is generally activated via a switch on the handlebar.  Some electric bikes automatically provide power assistance when pedaling and some electric bikes can provide power without requiring pedaling from the rider.  

In one recent article published by CNNtech, the author points out how one person recovering from injury transformed his life by changing his primary transportation to his electric bike and selling his regular vehicle.  They also point out that a growing number of riders in the U.S. are moving toward electric bikes.  Electric bikes can bring a little thrill back to the casual rider and they allow you to zip through traffic or along the trails without requiring the training of a professional cyclist.

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In this picture of the X-treme Summit Elite 24V electric bike you can see the battery mounts behind the frame and seat post.  The electronics follow the brake wiring up to the handlebars and back to the 300W rear motor hub.

There are several voltage levels available for electric bikes that typically range from 24V to 48V.  Typically the current delivered by the battery on an electric bike will be limited by a charge controller with a maximum around 15A for most e bikes.  You can calculate available power from the battery by multiplying the voltage by the current which gives you watts.  This means that for the same current, an electric bike with a higher voltage will deliver more power and allow you to travel at higher speeds.  

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