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Electric Bike Prices - How Much Should I Spend On An Electric Bike?

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As you've learned so far, electric bikes come in all shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. The most important part of the buying process for many people is the price. In this section, we'll go over the main differences in each price range your budget may be in so that you can decide whether to save some money and go with a budget model or spend some extra dough to get some awesome bells-and-whistles. Our goal is to educate you so that you can make the best decision for your wants and needs.

Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000


    As you can see, there are many different types of electric bikes to choose from that are priced under $1,000. The most important points to consider when deciding to purchase an e-bike under $1,000 is that you will not get many of the value-added benefits that more expensive e-bikes offer like LCD screens, smart pedal assist systems, belt drives, mid-motors, cadence or pressure sensors in the mid-motor, upgraded pedals, upgraded seats, ergonomic handles, brand-name lithium ion batteries, or magnesium wheels.

    Regardless of this small sacrifice in add-ons, an electric bike that's priced under $1,000 can still give you many hours of enjoyment and fun. Common characteristics include 24V-36V batteries, 350-watt motors, twist-and-go throttles, simple pedal assist, Shimano gears, V brakes or mechanical disc brakes, aluminum alloy pedals, li-ion or sealed lead acid removable battery packs, and fairly comfortable seats.

    Our best-selling e-bike of all time

    X-treme Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike

    This model is our least expensive at only $649 delivered and comes with everything you need to experience what electric bikes have to offer without breaking the bank in the process.

    We highly recommend this upgrade

    X-Treme Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike

    This e-bike is 20 pounds lighter than the Alpine Trails and comes with an aluminum alloy frame, a longer lasting and faster charging lithium-ion battery, and a rear rack instead of front and rear fenders. 

    Many of our customers who purchase an e-bike in this price range report making upgrades to the bike as soon as they get it including parts like upgraded pedals that are wider and have knobs in them, upgraded seats that are wider and more comfortable for long rides, front and rear racks built to hold more weight, pannier bags to hold groceries and other items, front and rear lights that are made to be very bright and last for a long time, and computers to tell distance and speed. 


    Fastest Electric Bikes: $1,000 and Up


    If you're looking for speed and quickness, ease of use, and the ultimate electric bike riding experience, look no further. This is our collection of the fastest electric bikes on the market, priced $1,000 and up. These e-bikes are the best of the best. Many of them come with some value-added benefits listed above like LCD screens, smart pedal assist systems, belt drives, mid-motors, cadence or pressure sensors in the mid-motor, upgraded pedals, upgraded seats, ergonomic handles, brand-name lithium ion batteries, and magnesium wheels.

    These e-bikes often come with 36V-48V or higher batteries and 10AH-12AH or more in electron capacity. Some of them reach speeds up to 25 mph or more and some will last for up to 40 miles per charge. They come with upgraded seats, upgraded pedals, upgraded handlebars and grips, integrated lights, front or rear racks that are built to hold more weight, mechanical disc brakes, and computers that tell you all about your ride and how much battery you have left so that you don't have to check the battery constantly.

    Our favorite fast e-bike over $1,000 

    e-JOE 2017 EPIK SE 36V Electric Folding Bike

    e-JOE 2017 EPIK SE 36V Electric Folding Bike

    This little sporty folding bike can be used for a multitude of purposes like commuting to and from work, while exploring the campsite, riding around town after you dock your boat, or storing it in your car during a road trip. It is made to ride fast and far, be super comfortable, and fold up small enough to fit into your apartment, RV, boat, or the truck of your car easily. 

    In our opinion, it's best to go with a faster e-bike that costs over $1,000 because you'll have way better experience in the long run, but at the end of the day, the decision is up to you. Maybe you just simply don't have the money to afford one. That's ok. If that's the case, then we have a lot of options for you to choose from now until you can save up enough money to get the electric bike of your dreams. 

    Will you be commuting through the city 10 miles to work over hilly terrain? 

    If so, you should consider getting a model with at least a 48V 12 amp hour lithium-ion battery pack and a 350-watt motor, skinny road tires, and an upright riding position for comfort.

    In your case, the E-Joe Gadis Electric City Bike which includes an aluminum frame and lithium ion battery would be the ideal solution for your needs. The price tag on this e-bike is between $1500 and $2000, putting it in the higher end of electric bike price ranges, but it will best suit your needs and provide you with the most amazing riding experience of your life. 

    E-Joe Gadis Electric City Bike

    Pictured above: the E-Joe Gadis Electric City Bike in black.

    Will you be joy riding off-road on the weekends?

    If your main purpose of using your electric bike is to cruise some off-road trails on the weekend, then you'll need to get a more sturdy built electric bike, with more power, and more bells and whistles to ensure comfort, safety, and reliability. 

    Best electric mountain bike

    X-Treme Summit 48 Volt Mid-Motor Electric Bike

    X-Treme Summit 48 Volt Mid-Motor Electric Bike

    This e-bike has all the bells and whistles you would want while riding off road. It has front shocks, ergonomic grips, a fast 48V battery, a mid-motor drive with a torque sensor, upgraded pedals, and an LCD computer screen. this e-bike can help you ride up the same trails everybody else rides down!

    Electric Bike Financing

    If you don't have the cash to pay for the e-bike you want, consider our financing options. If you have a solid job and some extra money to spend each month, you may consider lightening your carbon footprint or saving some money each week on your daily commute by financing a fast electric bike. By choosing a more expensive and premium e-bike, you'll only pay a little extra each month, but you'll get one of the most amazing riding experiences you've ever had, plus you'll be the talk of the town and make heads turn wherever you ride.

    We don't recommend financing for everybody, to determine if you are the right fit, read our detailed guide Is Electric Bike Financing Right For Me? 

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