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Do I need a license to own an Electric Bike?

Posted by Rose Joie Javier on

The most common question our customers ask when they are interested to buy an Electric bike for the first time.

We also had some customers who have bought Electric Mopeds who’ve had issues with enforcers flagging them down and asking for a plate number or a registry. Though, it’s also good to take note that these Mopeds don’t exactly look like bikes. They actually look like real scooters!

Though concerns still rise even with regular electric bikes.


Our answer? Simple.

Electrical or assisted pedaling bicycles do not require a license or insurance. In that sense they are similar to traditional bikes. However, they do have to meet certain requirements, such as:

- Maximum speed of 25 Km/h.

- The Motor cannot exceed 750 Watts power

- The motor is activated by pedaling and stops automatically when pedaling stops or the brake is activated (it is not equipped with an accelerator).

So, to avoid any hassles, always inquire first. You can call your local DMV or you can go to your City Hall and ask.

Is there a requirement? Is there a need to have it registered? Once you are there, you can ask all the information you want to know. 

It will also be helpful to ask if you can carry some sort of documentation whenever you ride just in case an enforcer flags you, at least they’ll be able to see that you have spoken an authorized person at the DMV and that you are aware and are abiding by the rules set for Electric Bike Owners.

You can always refer to HR 727 Federal Electric Bicycle Law

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