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The Best Designed Ebike for Urban Riding: Comparing the A2B Octave to the Cannondale Contro-E Speed

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When you are riding in the city, your ebike should be an extension of you.  Your ebike should be durable, beautifully designed, fast, and take you anywhere you need to go in the city on a single charge.  In this blog post, we will compare two beautifully designed ebikes optimized specifically for urban riding: the A2B Octave and the Cannondale Contro-E Speed.  Making claim that the A2B Octave, when considering price, features, and beauty of design, is the best designed ebike for urban riding.

A2B Octave


The refined design of the A2B Octave makes it one of the most beautiful ebikes on city streets.  The weight of the Octave (87.5 lbs) makes it ride similarly to an electric scooter, while its sleek German design makes it a head turner.  It is one of the most comfortable city bikes to ride, and has an impressive 40-mile cruising range on a single battery charge.  The Octave also comes with nice features such as regenerative braking (which extends how far you can cruise on a single charge), the ability to ride with one or two batteries, and a powerful motor with 50 Nm of torque.  MSRP for the A2B Octave is $3,399.  But for a limited time, through Electric Bike City, you can get the A2B Octave at a 62% discount for $1,299.00.

Cannondale Contro-E Speed

Cannondale Contro-E Speed

The Cannondale Contro-E Speed is a sharp and power ebike designed for city commuting.  It comes with a display, battery, and drive unit developed by the German technology manufacturer Bosch. The Contro-E Speed's frame is desgined specifically to keep you upright while riding, helping ensure a comfortable ride as you traverse the city streets.  The price of the Cannondale Contro-E Speed is $4,499.00.

Some key comparisons between the A2B Octave and the Cannondlae E-Speed


A2B Octave

Cannondale E-speed





500-watt brushless DC hub motor 

500-watt Bosch PowerPack


Backlit LCD with speed, estimated distance, and battery charge

BOSCH Intuvia E-Bike


6061 Y-aluminum frame



Urban Riding and Commuting

Urban Riding and Commuting



When comparing the A2B Octave and the Cannondale Contro-E Speed, we see that both bikes are similar in many ways.  Both bikes come equipped with a 500-watt motor, are built with a light-weight aluminum frame, and both embrace a beautifully designed frame.  The A2B Octave, however, stands above the Contro-E Speed in regards to price: The Contro-E Speed is almost 3.5 times more expensive than the A2B Octave when purchased exclusively through Electric Bike City. Therefore, the electric bike that we would recommend after evaluating the two is the A2B Octave due to its similar performance characteristics and significantly lower price tag.






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