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Electric Bike Stories: Biknut and his Stealth Bomber

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Some of you may own an electric bike and some of you may not, but if you haven't discovered the amazing feeling of riding an e-bike yet, you need to get one!

Biknut and his Stealth Bomber

Our customer and fellow electric bicycle enthusiast Biknut from Dallas, Texas broke down for us what made him get into eBikes, what his goals are this year with electric bikes, and all about his two favorite e-bikes in the world, his Stealth Bomber, and his Sondors fat tire electric bike.


What made you get into eBikes and why?

I’ve been into bikes of all types my whole life. eBikes caught my attention after I started getting tired of gas motor bicycles that I had been building for a few years prior.

What are the biggest mistakes you see other electric bike enthusiasts make when they are either building or riding an electric bike and how should they fix them?

Everyone wants to turn their bicycle into a motorcycle. It’s easy to overpower a bicycle, and make it way too fast for its frame, and suspension.

What are your goals for this year with your electric bikes?

All I really want to do now is to ride as much as possible. I like to ride bicycle events such as the Critical Mass, and other local bicycle rides. I try to promote eBikes everywhere I ride by letting other riders see how capable eBikes have become, and how much fun they are to ride.

dallas critical mass bike ride

Above, the Critical Mass group bike ride in Dallas, Texas.


What are some other things we should know about you or your passion for electric bikes?

I own a Stealth Bomber, and a Storm Sondors eBike. Two bikes seemingly at opposite ends of the eBike spectrum. Different tools for different jobs. I mostly use the Bomber for commuting, and joy ride on the Storm.


Stealth Bomber electric bike


Bombers come out of the box pretty much complete. All I added were lights, and fenders.  They’re the best, and fastest production eBikes in the world, and second place is so far behind, it’s not even in the same league. Bombers have the solid look, and feel of a piece of field artillery, and all other production eBikes are like toys in their presence . And therein lies the problem.  Bombers are so overwhelmingly awesome it’s best to ride them alone, because they make every other eBike instantly morph into a steaming pile of heap.

Storm Sondors electric bike

Then there’s my Storm fatty. I have one of the original yellow signature bikes. Storm’s have only been out for about a year, but they instantly turned the eBike world on it’s ear. Billed as the world's most affordable eBike, expectations were low. Originally launched on indiegogo on super bowl Sunday 2015, Storm Sondors was hoping for $75,000 to get started. The offer was $499 plus $194 shipping, and you get a eBike if they manage to meet the $75,000 startup price. They got $1,000,000 on the first day, and over $6,000,000 by the end of the campaign.


storm electric bike right side


I got mine near the end of August 2015. Out of the box the first thing you notice is this is a very eye appealing bike. Very attractive yellow paint, and 3 inch wide orange anodized rims. Then there’s the color matched hard plastic box in the V that holds the battery, and electrics. The stock bike has adequate performance for a 350w eBike, but almost no one leaves them stock for long. These bikes were so instantly popular, and so numerous, aftermarket manufacturers started making upgrade items for almost immediately. Now you can buy almost anything you desire for a Storm. With the money I saved on the initial purchase I was able to heavily modify mine. Now with the aid of a 48v battery, and 25 amp controller it has close to 1200w peak, and runs 28 mph.

The Storm looks like a fat bicycle, and everyone that sees it instantly is attracted to it. It’s always my first choice for urban joyriding with friends, or organized rides like the Critical Mass. It looks so friendly, and unintimidating, it’s accepted without question anywhere I ride.


I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. If you're interested in getting a Sondors e-bike, go to:

If you like the looks of the Stealth Bomber and want to take a test ride, go here:

If you live in the Dallas area, check out Biknut's Dallas Electric Bike Club Facebook group for electric bike riders:


Here's a review video of the Sondors e-bike


Here's a review of the Stealth B-52 Bomber e-bike

If you want to learn whether a super-fast e-bike like the Stealth Bomber is legal in your jurisdiction, read our post about Electric Bike Laws in the USA - Are Electric Bikes Legal In My State?

Interested in an electric bike like the Stealth Bomber? Click here to check out our selection of high-performance e-bike models.

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  • Want to meet bikenut and race your bomber with my eagle from cab motorworks think you will rethink which is best bike on the planet

    Chris cunningham on
  • Those are some sweet bikes mayne!

    ancheer folding bike on
  • Check out the Dallas electric bicycle club on Facebook:

    Trevor on
  • That’s some pretty cool ebikes, my team and I have created a list of pretty affortable ebikes. Feel free to check it out here.

    Walter Farrell on
  • When is next group ride I’m in dallas tx with a new sondors like to join in

    Chris cunningham on

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