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Best Electric Mountain Bikes Ranked and Reviewed 2018

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Durable and electric, an electric mountain bike is designed for off-road cycling and climbing steep hills. Electric mountain bikes share the same features as other bikes but they highlight performance and durability in rough terrain. Because of this, it comes as no surprise to find electric mountain bikes with large knobby tires, lower gear ratios, stronger brakes, more durable wheels and full suspension. In this article we present best electric mountain bikes reviewed 2018.


Electric mountain bikes are classified as Hardtail, Dual Suspension or Fat Bike and here are the top ten:


1. Prodecotech Outlaw SS 48V Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

The Prodecotech Outlaw SS sounds like a bicycle from the Wild Wild West and it kinda does strike a chord. It is a real bad-assed electric mountain bike and can be operated legally only in off-road or private spaces in a lot of states. They sell two street legal versions of the bike in the Outlaw EX and SE. Both of them have 750 watt motors and can reach top speeds of 20 miles an hour. One of the reasons why it is on top of the best electric mountain bikes 2018 is that it really looks cool, go very fast and can climb hills with ease. There is no doubt that it is one of the best electric bikes on the market. It is also quite durable since it does not have gears inside, only huge magnets. It is very quiet even at top speeds.

It comes with a battery pack that provides 48 volts of power and 9 amp hours of battery capacity plus Lithium-ion cells. It is great technology, packs a lot of juice in a lightweight container and also lasts a while. It can also be removed easily and thus, you can charge it with more comfort and store it indoors whenever the weather gets hot or cold. High temperatures are going to harm the lithium-ion cells. After you have gone for a ride, it is recommended that you charge the battery pack and make sure it doesn’t exceed one month without recharging. The battery rack on the Prodeco is pretty rigid. The bicycle comes in a single frame size, standard/medium. It is actually a bit shorter than the Oasis and a few other models offered by ProdecoTech. The grips are very solid and a trigger throttle on the right is used in this bike that prevents the accidental issue not so much of an issue anymore.

On the left side, you should see a standard grip shifter. The LED display unit gives some idea of the remaining battery capacity with yellow, red or green lights, however, it does not show the speed or the distance travelled. Brake levers have high quality, very responsive and easy to reach but they do not seem to cut power to the electric bicycle’s motor.


2. Addmotor HITHOT H1 48V Dual-suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Whereas the Prodecotech Outlaw is considered as a hardtail electric mountain bike, the Addmotor HITHOT H1 is a dual-suspension electric mountain bike. The Addmotor HITHOT H1 is included in the best electric mountain bikes because of shock absorption, cool design, simple assembly, comfort, durable  and powerful motor. Hithot H1 is designed for 5’6” –  6’6” and also for adults who weigh close to 280 lbs.

It has a 500W Bafang Rear Hub Inner-Rotor Super High-speed brushless motor. This kind of motor lets it reach speeds that are up to 28 miles per hour and on hills it provides the power to reach the top easily. The e-bike has an integrated display design with compass and the appearance looks really fashionable and simple. It has a beautiful and flawlessly flowing look. The electric bicycle has 48V 11.6AH lithium battery that enables you to get up steep, long hills. For fast-charging, the charger will let you charge for up to 4-6 for full recharge. It uses hydraulic disc brake lever brakes as well as TEKTRO HD-E500 203mm front and 180mm rear alloy hydraulic disc brakes that are more powerful, fast, stable and feel good, easy to use compared to mechanical disc brakes.

The throttle type is a variable speed control -1/2 twist throttle. The rear gears are Shimano 7 speed Tx55 gears. Because the handlebars are aluminum, you feel really strong and awesome when you maneuver the electric bicycle. The fork is a hydraulic suspension fork with lockout. It also has an aluminum alloy kindshock spring shock absorber for its absorber. The Addmotor also has a comfortable seat and Maxxis 27.5” X 2.3” mountain tires at 60 PSI. The pedals are Wellgo Aluminum Black Pedals.


3. Big Cat Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike New 2018 Model

The Big Cat Wildcat electric mountain bike has been redesigned recently and has all the elements that you need to have supreme electric bike experience. It belongs to the fat bike category. It has a new aluminum frame build that showcases a swoop down tube. Because of this, mounting and dismounting the electric bike is easy. There is a reinforcement on the down tube and it is redesigned to allow for a new 48V and 12AH detachable lithium ion-battery. This is one of the main reasons why the Big Cat Wildcat is one of our best electric mountain bikes. As the new addition provides you with a more balanced electric bike, you are also going to have a functional rear pannier rack that is going to haul your cargo.

With a conventional but efficient and strong 500W geared hub motor, the Wildcat 500 electric bike provides riders with an average speed of around 20 miles per hour and an average distance of 15-30 miles with just a single charge. You can ride confidently on this e-bike with a 26X2.6” wheel with tire combination that gives riders a stronger feel and a better control of the e-bike overall. Among the latest primary features of the Wildcat is the pedal assist mode. The Wildcat still gives throttle and pedal assist capabilities so that you could select 1-5 levels of pedal assist and controls how much propulsion you get from its motor. You can set it to the highest level to get comfy riding. If you want a workout and save some of the life of your battery, then you may want to select a setting.


4. X-Treme Summit 48V Mid-Motor Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

The X-Treme Summit 48V Mid-Motor Hardtail electric mountain bike is currently considered as the top of the line product from X-Treme. They are built to be real off road electric mountain bikes that can deal with the most challenging mountain bike trails. This is the reason why X-Treme Summit is one of the best electric mountain bikes out there. Also, they are not just best for off road rides, they can be cool on the street too.

What makes the X-Treme Summit really stand out in the pack is the mid drive brushless motor and this kind of technology can be seen only in electric bicycles that are double the price of the Summit. One of the many advantages of the mid-drive motor is the low and centric center of mass, which, together with the center-aligned battery, places a lot of the weight of this bike in the low center portion and significantly improves the handling. The mid-drive transfers power to the rear wheel through a chain. It also lets you use the Shimano Altus 27 speed gear system in controlling motor power. It is easy to exceed 20 miles per hour and reach top speeds for this kind of arrangement. The X-Treme Summit has a lithium ion 48V 10AH battery and can reach a range of around 40 miles for every charge. There is also a thumb throttle, and a Smart Pedal Assist System or SPAS that greatly improves the pedaling effort of riders.


5. Addmotor HITHOT H5 48V Dual-suspension Electric Mountain Bike

The HitHot family’s latest member is the Addmotor HitHot H5. It is a dual-suspension electric mountain bike and comes with a single major upgrade. It has a high suspension fork that is produced by ZOOM, making the ride even smoother than the other HitHot offerings. Because of this, it is now suitable for complicated surfaces of the road and for rough terrain. However, this bike is not recommended for downhill or for other professional sports. Riding the H5 on the street and anywhere in the field will always catch people’s attention. This is the main reason why the Hithot H5 is one of the best electric mountain bikes. Like the other Addmotor bikes, the H5 is an amazing eye-catcher.

One of the features of this amazing electric bike is a 500W Bafang motor that makes the ride less exhausting and easy. The speed could be controlled by either pedaling or using the throttle. If you wish to keep fit with your bicycle, it is quite easy to shift to the non-assist mode. For long-lasting fun without recharging the battery a lot, the bike is equipped with a Samsung 48V, 10.4 AH lithium battery. It makes sure that there is a 1000 charging cycle lifespan. The motor is a 48V rear hub motor. The Shifter is a Shimano outer 7-speed shifter. The brakes are Tektro disc brakes with 160 mm alloy. The suspension fork has a high zoom suspension fork that has an allowance of 170mm. You can also lock suspension. The Spring Shock absorber is designed by KingShock and the frame is aluminum alloy based on the rider’s body.

The battery’s charging time is 5-6 hours and the maximum distance for every full charge is 28 mile for electric only and 45 miles with pedal assist. The maximum speed is 21 miles per hour. You also get a ½ twist throttle for this bicycle and an XT large LCD display for battery life, speed and distance. The front and rear tires measure 26 X 3.5 inch mountain tires and weigh 54 lbs with a carrying capacity of 300 lbs.


6. Prodecotech Rebel XS V5 Electric Fat Tire Bike

The Prodecotech Rebel XS V5 is one of the more recent offerings by Prodecotech that came together with 9 new models of their electric bikes with the battery built-in the frame’s downtube. This change is a huge improvement in the location of the battery compared to the regular rear rack location since it positions the weight of the battery low and centered in the electric bicycle for a much better handling. This makes it one of the best electric mountain bikes. Additionally, it lets the rider use the regular rear rack for carrying panniers and bags.

Prodecotech also made other improvements especially in the capacity of the battery and its features. The new lithium battery is a high capacity 36V 14.5AH battery that has the best grade Samsung lithium ion cells that utilize NCA chemistry. NCA chemistry is found usually in Tesla vehicle batteries. A battery with this size is going to give long range rides. The new battery also has a USB port for charging tablets, smartphones, LED lights, etc. Most of the ProdecoTech electric bikes including the Rebel XS V5 have 600 watt motors that are either direct drive or geared. They also have internal cable routing to keep the looks of the bike tidy and neat.

Like other ProdecoTech bikes, the 9 new bicycles that came together with the Rebel XS V5 are equipped with components from SRAM, Truvativ, RockShox, Continental, etc. All of these e-bikes are assembled at Xtreme’s facility near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Rebel X Series is the new electric bike with 4” wide tires. Electric fat bikes are excellent for riding in sand, snow and rough terrain seem like a smooth and even road. The Rebel XS uses SRAM E-matic 2 speed auto shifting rear hub and has the new SRAM Guide 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes.


7. X-Treme Rubicon 48V Rear Shock Electric Mountain Bike

The all-new X-Treme Rubicon is a beast on the road. This is why it is included in the list of best electric mountain bikes. It is powerful and fast because of its Bafang 500W and 48V rear hub motor. It is a full suspension electric mountain bike with rear and front shock absorbers. This is one electric mountain bicycle that could be driven on any off road terrain. With its motor, you can get up on almost any hill without the need to pedal.

Power is applied using the twist of a throttle found on the hand grip or with the use of the SPAS or Smart Pedal Assist, which measures how hard you press with the pedals and apply the electric motor in order to increase the pedal power of riders. The SPAS has 5 levels of assist which could be controlled by the LCD panel included and mounted on the handlebars. This bicycle also comes with everything that is aluminum, every nut, bolt, spoke and nipple is made of aluminum. This means that the bike is rust-free, durable and lightweight. The bicycle is 100% hand-welded and lightweight with Atlus Shimano 9-speed gears and shifting system. It has aluminum rims with a quick release axle on the front and a waterproof quick disconnect on the rear.

The Rubicon has a King Meter 5 speed SPAS and a USB phone charging port. The features on the Rubicon can let you go as far 70 miles on a single charge of its battery. The LCD display also shows distance, speed and battery life. It is a truly remarkable electric mountain bicycle and just like other X-treme products, the customer service for this electric bike is very helpful and responsive. Just take your time when you first set it up and you should be good to go.


8. Addmotor HITHOT H2 48V Dual-suspension Electric Mountain Bike

The Addmotor Hithot H2 is a special kind of bike. The Hithot H2 has a stealth removable battery package and a quick-release front wheel which makes the bike flexible and very easy to assemble. It’s double suspension makes riding the bicycle more fun and places it on the list of best electric mountain bikes. It is also made out of a very durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame. It has a very powerful and extremely quiet and smooth 500W 48V brushless rear hub motor.

You could also charge your phone using the USB port on the top of the LCD display. This electric mountain bike is best for mountain and daily commute. The minimum height of the Hithot is 5’6”. It can carry adults who weigh 300 lbs. making this electric bicycle ideal for huge riders. It has a 26” X 2.5” small mountain tire wheel that makes it more convenient compared to other electric mountain bikes. The pedal assist electric bike system makes it an excellently capable electric bicycle that lets you go further than you might expect.

The electric bike also has Shimano 7-speed TX55 rear gears. It has an integrated tail light that also serves as a brake light when the rear brake is applied. It increases the visibility of a car when on the road. This reduces the possibility of rear-end accidents. With only level 1 assist and a single charge on the battery, the bicycle can go as far as 60 miles. Other features include a velo saddle for its seat. It has black aluminum pedals and black aluminum handlebars. Its brake set is a Tektro CL-535RT disc brake set and a Tektro HD-E710 alloy disc brake. The shock absorber is a Kingshock Spring Shock absorber.


9. Big Cat Minicat XL 500 Electric Fat Tire Bike New 2018 Model

The Big Cat Minicat XL 500 is just a smaller version of the Fat Cat XL that provides a very efficient but strong Bafang 500W geared rear hub motor which is powered by a 48V 12AH lithium ion battery. Just like the other powerful electric mountain bikes in this list, it has an efficient and powerful Bafang 500W geared rear hub motor which is run by a 48V 12AH lithium ion battery. It is one of the reasons why this electric fat tire bike is in our list of best electric mountain bikes. With this tremendous power, riders should be able to reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and get an average of 15-25 miles with one battery full charge.

A smaller than usual aluminum frame is best for riders who are shorter but even so, this bicycle could still handle riders above 6 ft. tall. This is made possible by a handlebar and a seat post that are both adjustable. The smaller frame is also ideal for riders who want to carry the bicycle around during trips to the beach, camping trips or storing it in apartments. The Big Cat Minicat XL 500 is also equipped with an LCD display/controller.


10. X-Treme Trail Maker Elite 24V Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

The X-Treme Trail Maker Elite truly lives up to its name as an elite product from X-Treme. It might not the best, but it is one of the best and also the best-selling electric bike from X-Treme. It should not be surprising since the bicycle is simple, inexpensive and reliable. Because of this, the bike is worthy to be one of the best electric mountain bikes. It was previously called the XB-300LI and has been built for more than eight years together with the step-through version, the X-Treme Trail Climber. These X-Treme electric bicycles are among the affordable and reliable electric bikes sold in the U.S.

Its motor is 300 Watts and has a 24 V 8AH lithium-ion battery. It can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour and 20 miles of distance for one battery charge. Its motor is a zero resistance brushless rear hub motor. Tires are 26” X 1.95” Kenda mountain bike tires. It has a 7 speed Shimano Tourney gears and shifter. It has a hand grip twist throttle system, just like a motorcycle and is pedal assist. It can carry a maximum rider weight of 350 lbs. and the bicycle itself weighs 52 lbs. with the battery.


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