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Best Electric Mopeds Reviewed 2017

Posted by Rommel Lim on

A moped is a name given to a small motorcycle, generally with less stricter licensing requirements compared to automobiles or motorcycles since mopeds travel at the same speed as bicycles on public roads. Mopeds are defined to be driven by both bicycle pedals and an engine. However, in common usage and in a lot of jurisdictions, the term moped is used for similar vehicles such as a scooter. A few mopeds have a step-through design, while others are step-over designs, with a motorcycle-like frame, with a backbone as well as a raised fuel tank, mounted right between the head tube and the saddle. Some mopeds are like motorized bicycles. Most are just the same as a regular motorcycle, but with pedals and a crankset which could be used with or instead of motor drive. Even if mopeds have usually two wheels, a few jurisdictions classify low-powered three or, rarely, four-wheeled vehicles as a moped. Here are a few good mopeds of 2017 that you can check:

Gigabyke Groove 48V 750W

According to their website, the Gigabyke Groove is the most advanced, powerful and comfortable electric moped in the world. The Gigabyke Groove has a lot of style and features in a light scooter which costs under $1,500. You have LED lights with brake activation and brights, turn signals, a horn, backlit LCD display (with battery, speedometer, odometer and charge level). There is also room for a passenger on the long saddle because of the fold-down pegs. Technically speaking, the moped is classified as a low speed electric bike and can be ridden with no license or insurance but you will want to stick to the bike lane or side of the roads because of the 18 mph top speed. While it has pedals and geared low to move the weight of the moped, there is only a single gear and the four inch crank arms as well as the basic plastic pedals are not really a favorite of many riders. What powers the bicycle is a pack of four 12 volt 14 amp hour Sealed Lead Acid batteries designed in a funky angular pack which fits under the saddle. The battery pack is about 41.5 lbs. and you can charge it on or off the moped. The moped has a 750W motor and with the battery charged at 6 hours, you can travel a maximum range of 30 miles.

E-Wheels Electric Moped

The E-Wheels EW-36 is considered as the fastest and most powerful mobility scooter on the market. Electric Wheels EW-36 has a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour with a range of 45 miles with a built in 48 volt SLA battery. The mobility scooter is powered by a 500 watt trans-axle brushless electric motor powering three 16 inch wheels. Stopping is done by front and rear drum brakes with electronic ABS. This is a pretty rare feature for a vehicle in this price range. The moped also has a speed control knob so you can limit the power of the motor and so that it can drive indoors at a convenient pace.

While the moped is not a street-legal vehicle, it does meet all the requirements of a mobility device. It has a lighting system similar to cars or street-purpose motorcycles. It uses a keyed ignition switch, which, just like a car, has on-off accessory positions. The moped also has an anti-theft and alarm system that cannot be ignored. The horn is also similar to full-sized vehicle. You should not miss it because it is just the same as other mopeds. The moped is also very maneuverable, just turning slightly around short of its own length.  Reverse or forward is controlled by a red push button just under the throttle side of the handlebars. The throttle might be a little touchy at the bottom of its travel, being either off or on at slow speed. The controls could take a few minutes to get used to but as soon as you start and accelerate it, it is very smooth. The throttle is just like a motorcycle twist grip throttle. The EW-36 has large diameter and pneumatic tires, so bumpy terrain should be no problem at all.

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter 

If you want to breeze through the side streets in European style, you should try the Razor pocket mod electric scooter from Razor. It has a high-performance, chain-driven electric motor and a classic-inspired body, the Pocket Mod could reach up to a speed of 15 miles per hour with plenty enough speed to go through a quick trip on the corner store or a fun ride in the country. The scooter is also coupled with a pair of 12 inch pneumatic tires with rear suspension to make sure that you have a comfortable ride. Some features include a retractable kickstand, a padded seat, variable-speed acceleration and a built-in battery which could travel up to 10 miles on one charge.

The rider and the buyer of the Pocket mod are accountable for obeying and knowing all local, federal and state regulations about the use as well as the riding of the scooter. The Pocket Mod is designed for ages up to 12 and provides a maximum of 150 lbs. capacity. There is also a 90 day warranty on it. It has a high performance electric motor and is a scaled down vintage moped design. For maximum power transfer, the chain driven motor only has a single speed. Razor, the company that made it has a long line of scooter products and this is merely one of them. It was founded in June 2000 and has a privately held company in Cerritos, California. Its products are sold worldwide.

E-Drift UH-ES295 Electric Fat Tire Scooter Moped 

Another moped pick is the Harley of electric mopeds. With this superpower, you can travel upwards at a speed of 27 miles per hour and on a single charge you can travel up to 25 miles and if you get the upgrade, 75 miles. Because it is electric, you don’t pay for gas, no insurance premiums, no DMV fees, no street legal and no license required.

It has a 1500W electric hub motor, 60 volt 10A battery and a twist and go throttle. Steering is kept at a low as you lean into your turns. You can still stop anytime you want though because of its powerful Hydraulic Disc Brake system. There is a 12 Month Limited Warranty on it an LED front light a keyed ignition with digital gauge and a battery indicator.

The E-Drift UH-ES295 is indeed very minimalist but just like the Chopster, it looks like a modern chopper and is really very fun to drive. Even if it is very powerful, it is so environment-friendly and it is 100 percent electric. Because it looks like a Harley, the first thing that you will notice are its super-wide tires. Many people find its looks mean and menacing but if they were then it is because the E-Drift is a very elegant and beautiful beast.

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