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We Recommend These Electric Bike Accessories

Posted by Trevor James on

We have a lot of customers that inquire about certain accessories for our Electric Bike models. Below are some of the most common accessories our customers ask for. These accessories can be found right here on our website and include lights, locks, pumps, bags, racks, trailers, alarms, and more.

M-Wave Amsterdam Triple Pannier Bag

$99.99 $149.99

M-Wave Bicycle Alarm

$29.99 $49.99

Giant™ U-Lock with Keys & Bicycle Mounting Bracket

$49.00 $79.00

Hollywood Sport Rider Bike Rack for Electric Bikes

$499.00 $599.00

M-Wave C10.9 Chain Lock

$69.99 $99.99

M-Wave Apollo Ultra 900 Rechargeable Headlight

$99.99 $149.99

M-Wave Pet N' Go Bicycle Trailer

$219.99 $399.99

M-Wave Alloy Children's Bicycle Trailer with Suspension

$379.00 $449.00

M-Wave Bicycle Jogger Trailer

$379.99 $499.99

M-Wave CarryAll Hardbox Bicycle Luggage Trailer

$479.99 $599.99

Mighty X-Power 1500 Lumen Headlight

$399.99 $499.99

M-Wave DI Headlight by Dosun

$479.99 $599.99

M-Wave F 720 Folding Lock

$79.99 $99.99

Beto High Pressure Floor Pump

$39.99 $49.99

Electric Bike Lights

As nighttime draws near and the surroundings darken, bike lights are an important purchase if you are a cyclist. Brightness is measured in lumens. For a front light, it is quite enough to have 70 lumens if you are in town. This is adequate to make sure that you are visible. In the country or roads with poor lighting, you need to see where you are going, so try for something brighter such as 100 lumens or more. For a rear light 100 lumens is really very bright. A few lights still use AA cells that take a bit of fiddly attention to change as you take out covers or carefully pry lids off. What would be better is something you could recharge, ideally through your laptop so that you are safe cycling home during night, even if the light was on the blink on your way in. Getting the correct lights could be complicated but good lights keep you safe on the road. The first thing to know is that bike lights are designed for two main categories:

1. Lights to use on mountain bikes on mountains and trails; and
2. Lights to use on the road.

The two kinds of bike lights are quite different in weight, expense, how long they run and how much light they emit. So, begin by deciding what kind of bicycle light you need. For a lot of commuters, you would want lights for use on roads and not mountains. The good news is that road/commuter bike lights are cheaper than mountain bike lights. The point is to make you conspicuous so that motorists can see you and also enable you to see the road. When you choose lights, make sure that you consider power, beam (when a powerful light is too dispersed, it becomes less powerful), battery life, the ease of recharging batteries, side visibility, weight and the ease of taking them on or off.

One of the best electric lights out there is the M-Wave Apollo Ultra 900 Rechargeable Headlight. This rechargeable headlight is definitely loaded with great features. With 3 Cree XML  T6 high-power LEDs that give off 30 watts and 900 lumen brightness, the rechargeable headlight is built to offer the highest quality and professional standards. It has a runtime of 3 hours on maximum power. This light is definitely going to give you more than enough on your next excursion. It has a water-resistant aluminum housing and 4 functions for different brightness levels. It also has a helmet and head mount for the rider.

Another headlight to consider is the Mighty X-Power 1500 Lumen Headlight. This headlight from Mighty combines 3 Cree XT6 LEDs with a high-quality aluminum housing to generate a lamp with superior quality and performance. At 1500 lumen and 3 functions, a runtime of 3-4 hours with precision lenses, the headlight is sure to be professional grade at an affordable price.

You should also try another M-Wave product, the M-Wave D1 Headlight by Dosun. The M-Wave D1 makes use of Dosun technology which is the brightest in the market. This light has over 500 lumens, 40 lux, head attachment, external rechargeable battery plus a lot more. The M-Wave collection of lights really provide great visibility for you as well as for others who are on the road.   

Electric Bike Locks    

It seems these days that there are as many kinds of electric bike locks as there are electric bikes. With so  rule of thumb in buying an electric bike lock is that it should cost 10% of the price of your electric bicycle. Ten percent is a good rate to start. So, if you have an electric bicycle that costs $1,500, it would be a good investment to get a locking system for $150. Remember that a good lock is something that would last for a while. There is no reason that a quality bicycle lock would not last a decade if you just take care of it properly. As already mentioned, there are different kinds of bike locks. The first kind of bike lock is a cable bike lock. Cable locks are as low as security gets. Perhaps, the only thing less secure than a cable lock is a rope with a double knot securing your bicycle. The problem with cable locks is that the tools required to cut them are pretty simple hand tools. Weak cable locks can be cut with pliers while slightly larger ones can be cut with bolt cutters.

You should instead try the Giant U-Lock with Keys & Bicycle Mounting Bracket. What else is there to say about this lock? It is so strong and sturdy it is not just good for any electric bicycle it can also be used for large moped style electric bicycles as well. You should also check the M-Wave C10.9 Chain Lock. It showcases a very robust design and a square profile, 10X10mm. The cylinder lock is locked or unlocked by one of the two included computer-designed keys. The 900 mm length is good enough for almost any purpose. The chain is covered by a textile cover to help prevent scratches to the equipment. The lock cylinder includes a dust cap to stop jamming. The M-Wave F 720 Folding Lock is another good lock that we recommend. It is truly a unique heavy duty lock which folds up to fit into a pouch that is 4.5 inches X 4.5 inches X 2 inches. It is very secure indeed and has dual openings. It uses 9 steel links and a soft coating to prevent scratches to the bicycle’s frame. A slight step up from a cable lock is a disc lock. Unfortunately, disk locks only work if you have disk brakes. If you have them though, this could be a great supplemental lock as well. Disc brake locks work by sliding over your disc and putting in a pin through one of the cooling holes in the disc. The obstruction will obviously keeps the wheel from spinning. Until the lock is removed, no one can drive off with your electric bicycle.  Next on the list are wheel locks or Amsterdam locks. These locks mount above the wheel , usually the rear, and lock around the rim and tire to stop the wheel from turning. Just don’t forget to unlock it and try to ride off with it engaged, or you will found some seriously damaged spokes. The next lock is the more secure U-lock. This could be one of the most well known types of locks next to cable locks. The U-lock is a single piece of of steel shaped like the letter ‘U’ that fits into a locking tube at the top or bottom. The last on the list would be chain locks. Depending on the quality of your chain, it could be weaker or just as good or even better than a U-lock.

Electric Bike Pump

 An electric bicycle pump is a luxury accessory that a lot of cyclists enjoy. There are a lot of electric pumps on the market today. Many of them are multipurpose pumps which are made to pump many things which include bicycle tires, car tires, kiddie pools, etc. Most of the time these pumps could be dangerous for bicycle tires since they have too much pressure, so your cyclist risks blowing the inner tube of the tire, but if you research well, an electric bicycle pump could be a great tool as well as a luxury to own.

If you wish to inflate your bicycle tires with just little effort, use the new Beto High-Pressure Floor Pump. It is available in a compact, lightweight design which is very easy to store and transport. The high-quality bicycle air pump has a built-in pressure gauge at the bottom for easy viewing as you pump. The feature lets the user know when he/she has to stop adding air to prevent overfilling. It has an all-purpose dual-pump head, and also a non-slip footplate for additional convenience. The bicycle tire pump is designed from steel components and available in sleek black and silver color scheme. The gauge could hold a maximum pressure of 160 psi. The easy-to-use, lightweight Beto High-Pressure Floor Pump is sturdy, durable and made to access FV, DV and AV bicycle valve types. It can be used by people 10 years old and above.


In a few cases, adding bags to the rear rack of an electric bicycle is not as easy as buying any bicycle bag or pannier and installing it on the rack. Some of the racks that house the electric bicycle battery have larger tubing which won’t allow some bicycle bags to clip into. In some cases, the battery itself gets in the way of the bicycle bag clips and does not let them attach fully to the rack. The bags which work well for these kinds of racks have two bags that have a connection piece in the center that rest on top of the rack.

The M-Wave Amsterdam Triple Pannier Bag is something that can hold just about anything that has to come with you. It is made out of 600 D Tear Proof Nylon reflective stripes. The side bags measures 14 X 7 X 13 inches each while the top bag/pack measures 13.5 X 18 X 8.5 inches.  With rain protecting zippers , the M-Wave Amsterdam Triple Pannier Bag is the best option for visits to weeklong treks and the grocery store.  Two large side compartments along with a top which doubles as a backpack lets you bring changes of cloths, supplies or anything else that you could need on your journey. The M-Wave bag collection features tear proof nylon along with reflective materials for demanding cyclists. With the M-Wave line of bags, you are going to find the correct bag at the right price.

In addition, you need to remember that choosing panniers could be a bit of a minefield. You have to know what fabric to choose, how much literage you are going to need and what attachment system to pick. So far, the only guide questions to these issues are: What would you need them for? Touring, commuting or going to shops? Cheaper panniers for short distances are going to be made out of water-resistant material, whereas those needed for longer trips are going to be made from more durable waterproof fabrics. Literage is also an important feature. Commuting is going to require around 20 liters while touring will need up to 50 or so liters. All panniers are going to feature different attachment mechanisms. Depending upon the use, you could want to consider how easy they come on or off when you use them for commuting or shopping and how securely they fit to the frame when touring.

Electric Bike Rack

Are you looking for a good way to carry your electric bike on your car? This question is pretty tricky since traditional bike-car racks are made to carry non electric bicycles that are, in general, half the weight of an electric bicycle. The Hollywood Sport Rider Bike Rack for Electric Bikes is best for your electric bike. It can carry two electric tires with up to 3 inch wide tires. It fits 2” hitches only, features patented no wobble-no tools hitch tightening system for secure and fast installation. It cannot be used with 1 ¼” to 2” adapter. The special features include, extra heavy duty wheel holders, and an internally reinforced frame for heavy load carrying capacity, and has keyed alike locking hitch pin with an 8” security cable. The rack folds flat against the vehicle when not used, and tilts down for easy access to cargo. It is recommended that the batteries be removed before transporting and mounting bikes on the rack because the batteries could fall off if they are not securely attached.

If you still want to know more about electric bike racks, you need to consider three things in deciding which electric bike rack is best for your electric bike. The first thing that you have to think about is the weight of the electric bike. The average weight of electric bikes on the market is 52 lbs. This is almost twice the average weight of a standard bicycle. Lifting over 50 lbs. of metal could make loading and unloading a difficult task, which is why the low height of platform racks would come in handy. A lower rack makes it easier to get your bicycles on and off the rack. If your bicycle weighs more than 60 lbs., you can reduce the weight by removing the battery and carrying the battery inside your car. The second thing that you should consider is bike geometry. Electric bicycles are available in a huge variety of bicycle styles, from a step-through bicycle to a full-suspension fat tire bike. Additionally, the position of the battery varies between rear rack, seat tube and down tube, which could shift the center to be not the center anymore. You need to take into account both of these factors and you would see their significance if you carry the bicycle by the wheels. By doing this, you are have the best position of stability for different bicycle configurations. Finally, you have to consider the rack weight. The total weight allowed in the hitch has to account for both the electric bike and the rack. You need to find racks that meet the weight requirement of a Class 2, 1.25” hitch receiver.

Electric Bike Trailer

Electric bicycles are awesome, but what if there was an option for an electric cargo trailer which pushes your traditional bicycle. Actually, there is! From small trailers which could handle the daily commute items to large e-cargo trailers that could carry kayaks and up to 330 lbs of capacity, there is a growing number of options in the e-cargo trailer world. You could take extra weight, people, or cargo with you without placing the strain on your bicycle or your legs. The M-Wave Pet N' Go Bicycle Trailer is a foldable trailer with 16” wheels and front and rear doors/windows with safety flag and internal dog leash. It also has a rain protection flap and foldable tow bar round out the trailer. The maximum load is 66 lbs. It has a foldable design with a quick release. It also has a roll-over bar. It has front and rear door windows. It comes in yellow. The M-Wave Alloy Children's Bicycle Trailer with Suspension is a fun way to get children from one place to another or simply get some exercise with them around. The suspension on both sides of the axle not only provides a more convenient ride for your precious cargo, but also makes it smoother for the person who pulls the trailer. The quick release hitch makes it easy to attach the trailer to the bicycle. The trailer sides can be easily folded down for easy storage. It has a foldable alloy frame and safety frame around the wheels. The 20” wheels allows for a quick release. The alloy rims goes with full suspension. The M-Wave Bicycle Jogger Trailer allows for three various uses. You can use it as a children’s trailer, luggage trailer or jogger. Just unfold the attachment arm from under the trailer so that you can connect to to bicycle in order to tow children. The trailer has very convenient hand grips and locking brake lever for use while you are jogging or hauling luggage. It is very easy and involves tool conversion between uses. The handbrake is fixable. It also has a parking brake. It has a detachable roof with window and fly screen. Lastly, it has a safety rod and flag. The M-Wave Carry All Hardbox Luggage Trailer is approximately 70 liters and measures 68 X 60 x 27 cm. It has a lockable, waterproof feature and includes front safety bumpers. It holds 60 lbs. maximum and 7 lbs. on the lid. It comprises of an aluminum frame and has aluminum wheels and smooth rolling tires.

Electric Bike Alarm

Vandalism against electric bicycles has always posed a problem for bicycle owners. On average, around one in five victims report a theft to the police. Even if the statistical data are actually not encouraging, the evolution of technology has improved security systems that are used to avoid or reduce the inconvenience. Electric bike alarms are a good way to protect electric bicycles from stealing. Bike alarms are quite different from the ones used on automobiles because your electric bicycle really doesn’t have a complex electrical system. Most complex systems connect to the computer or electric system in your car. One of the first things you have to look for is an alarm which lets out a high frequency when somebody tampers with the bicycle or the alarm. You also need to look for a bike alarm that has a locking system that connects the alarm to the frame of the bicycle. The best bicycle alarms operate on a battery and a battery is easy to change out.The M-Wave Bicycle Alarm is such an alarm and a whole new way of protecting your bicycle from being stolen. With 110 decibels blare, it alarms you if your bicycle is moved in the slightest. The motion alarm is automatic and the sensitivity is adjustable. It also has an adjustable mounting bracket measuring 25-30 mm.

Using a bike alarm does not guarantee that your bicycle will not become broken, stolen or damaged. You need to always read the instructions on the bicycle alarm first because some only emit an alarm when somebody tampers with or moves the alarm. The best bicycle alarms are those that have both a lock and an alarm on the same piece. You simply wrap the mechanism around a post, tree or other object and twist the lock shut. When you arm the alarm, it will produce a noise whenever someone tries to remove the lock. Battery operated alarms also require that you change the battery and if you forget or the battery dies, the alarm will not produce a sound. Bicycle alarms are available from online retailers and some specialty shops. Bike alarms start around $30 and rise from there based on recent prices. Larger electric systems could reach to $100.
Go ahead and click the shop now button to get that part or accessory you want. We are standing by to fulfill your order quickly. If you don't see a part or accessory here that you want to get for your electric bike, please comment below or email us.

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