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A2B Speed Electric Bike Special Pre-order Sale!

Posted by Shoptimized Support on

Pre-order Sale on our new A2B Speed Electric Bikes! 

4th of July is just a few days away, and we are having a Pre-order Sale on one of our new Electric Bikes! 

A2B Fans get ready, because we are

launching the new A2B Speed Electric Bike, exclusively at Electric Bike City

the newest in the line of A2B Electric Bicycles!


This dog has some fairly new tricks

Formerly known as the A2B Shima, the A2B Speed Electric Bike is the closest successor to the A2B Alva+ as well and  boasts of some 2019 key new changes.  It has moved to a traditional keyed entry system for easier operation due to popular demand.

When you have a need for Speed

Well, they wouldn’t name this bike A2B Speed Electric Bike if it didn’t have juice in it! This bike can go up to 28 mph on pedal assist! 

Easy Peazy Charging

You can charge the battery on the bike itself! Want to charge the battery inside the house? No problem! The battery slides easily with the key, for added protection. Slide it right back in when you’re done and ready to use it. Depending on your usage, the battery requires to be charged for at least 5-6 hours.

A few oldies but goodies

The A2B Speed Electric Bike has a 36V 500W direct drive rear hub motor, a torque sensor that detects how much pedal power you are using and an elegant step-through, aluminum frame that makes getting on and off the bike very easy. 

Maximum Comfort

Unlike other bikes, the A2B Speed Electric Bike has front suspension support to make your riding experience as smooth as can be

For a more detailed review, please see what Electric Bike Report has to say about the A2B Speed Electric Bike!



*All orders placed before July 4th will get to enjoy a special

Pre-order price of $200 off on the A2B Speed Electric Bike using promo code: SPEED-NOW

All paid orders will be shipped by July 15th. 

Don’t miss out on this deal! Place your pre-orders today and enjoy this special discount!

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