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A2B Speed Electric Bike Assembly Guide

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A2B Speed Electric Bike Assembly Guide

One of the great parts of an A2B Electric Bike is that most of them come 90% assembled in the box. The A2B Speed comes with both wheels installed, the motor installed, and controller installed. The parts that do require installation are quite simple and easy to do at home.

The tools you'll need,

The parts that you'll be installing including pedals, bell, mirror, display, and battery (mounting it only).

The handlebar clamp will ship in reverse position - please make sure to loosen the 3 bolts (two side and one top) around the headset in order to rotate the handlebar clamp 180 degrees then re-tighten the bolts to around 4.5-5Nm. After rotating the headset you can choose the angle that works best for you - this can also be adjusted after installing the handlebars.

In order to mount the handlebar into the clamp you'll need to remove the four bolts keeping the clamp together. Once you remove those four bolts, center the handlebar in the clamp and then re-tighten the bolts. Once mounted into the clamp the handlebar should look like this.

Once the handlebars are mounted the display will mount to either side of the handlebar clamp with one screw on each side.

Mounting the pedals is the next step, the pedals are labeled left (L) and right (R) on the side facing the center of the bike.  The left pedal will screw in counter-clockwise when facing the bike and the right pedal will screw in clockwise when facing the bike. 

Once installed it will look like this. You will also need to mount the on/off switch and pedal assist up/down adjustment button to the left side of the handlebars.  The provided zip ties can be used to secure any loose cables.

The motor may come with plastic wrapped on it - you can remove this so it doesn't peel off during riding.

Adjusting and tightening the seat height is also important. You'll want to make sure your leg is almost fully extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke and that the seat is securely fastened to the frame. Using the clamp at the base of the seat post you can adjust the seat height and tighten it up.

The battery will slide onto the rear rack, it will only work if the lock is in the unlocked position and the lock button is in the up position. The keys to the lock will come shipped attached to the handlebars. Take care to secure the battery by locking it in place during riding and when leaving it in public places. The battery connector can be connected to and will magnetically lock in place. 

***IMPORTANT: CHARGE THE BATTERY FOR 4-6 hours prior to use to prolong the life of the battery.

The A2B Speed will also come with one rear view mirror for seeing passing traffic and added safety.  This can screw onto the provided receiver on the left side of the handlebars and tightened.  Once fully assembled your A2B Speed E-Bike should look like this.  After fully charging the battery for 4-6 hours you can enjoy your new E-bike.  Always wear a helmet and obey traffic laws - don't forget that the A2B Speed is a Class 3 E-bike and will be restricted from certain bike paths and trails as such.

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