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5 Reasons to Subscribe to Electric Bike Report for Electric Bicycle News

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Are you thinking about getting an electric bike or already own one and want to learn more about how to use it?

It can take some time to understand the in's and out's of an electric bike and how each one is different. It takes a little bit of an understanding of bicycle mechanics, how electronics work, and how or where you'll be riding your brand new electric bicycle, but with a little time spent educating yourself, the more likely you'll make an informed decision and be happy with your new two-wheeled toy.

Electric Bike Report

I'm glad you found this article because Electric Bike Report has been around for over 5 years, in fact, Pete Prebus, the blog's content creator, is going on his 7th year of blogging and "YouTubing" about electric bikes. He is one of our go-to sources of information when a customer has a question and we refer people to his blog,, and his Electric Bike Report YouTube channel for education almost every day. We learn a lot from him too. His content has helped us shape our educational blog as well.

Here are our 5 Reasons to Subscribe to Electric Bike Report:

1) Pete creates new content constantly. Pete is always checking out the latest electric bicycles, e-bike events, and creating electric bike reviews that go over all the ins-and-outs of the latest technology and the brands that put it all together. By following Electric Bike Report on YouTube, you can watch videos of all this and more.  

2) Pete has a great mission. Pete writes about what he is passionate about. He doesn't have this blog just to make a buck from advertisers, he only does it because he loves cycling as a hobby and throughout most of his life he has learned a ton about bicycles. With this kind of mission, you can be sure that the information you find on Electric Bike Report is top-notch quality and comes from the heart. 

Here's a screenshot from the About us page on his blog:

Electric Bike Report Mission

Besides having an awesome mission, Pete has an incredible back story.

3) Pete has over 30 years of experience with bicycles. According to the Electric Bike Report About us page, "Pete began racing bikes and working as bike shop mechanic when he was just 13 years old. He raced for many years including racing professionally for a few years in the US National Cross Country Mountain Bike Circuit."

Here's what the personal story section of his about us page looks like:

Pete Prebus

Read articles by Pete Prebus on the Electric Bike Report Blog

4) Pete partners with fellow electric bike enthusiasts and thought leaders. It isn't just him doing all the work, he lets other knowledgeable industry leaders share the stage to bring you the most informative content possible, on his blog and on YouTube channel.

One such person is Paul Willerton who, according to the blog, "is a former and professional mountain bike racer who has gone on to apply himself to other areas of cycling." He is also a partner in DeFeet International, a brand of cycling socks with a mission of sustainability through manufacturing in their USA-based factory.

Here's a little more about Paul from the Electric Bike Report about us page:

Paul Willerton, DeFeet Cycling Socks


Another partner with the Electric Bike Report blog is Richard Peace. Richard is a cycling journalist who has published many articles on his blog, as well as over 20 books about bicycles, one of which is the best-selling book The Ultimate C2C Guide (Sea to Sea by Bike).

Richard also wrote a comprehensive guide about Electric bicycles that has all 5-star reviews on and is very affordable, making it our recommended reading for new electric bike enthusiasts.


Here's a screenshot from the Electric Bike Report about us page about Richard:

Richard Peace

Read articles on the Electric Bike Report blog by Richard Peace.

5) Pete has a community you can join. Do you want to be part of a group of people that are excited about electric bicycles and want to share and learn from each other? You can be a part of this community in many ways. 

First and foremost, join the EBR email newsletter. You'll receive weekly updates about electric bike news along with riding and maintenance tips. 

EBR email newsletter 

*Note: clicking the image will take you to the Electric Bike Report website where you can sign up for their email list.

If you're on Facebook, you can like the Electric Bike Report Facebook page to stay updated with "Reviews, News, & Guides, plus E-bike Riding & Repair Tips" delivered right to your feed.

Last, but not least, the best part of the community is the Electric Bike Report YouTube channel.

Next steps:

Be sure to like, follow, and subscribe to Electric Bike Report as soon as possible. If you're new to electric bikes, read some of his articles and watch some of his videos. If, after doing some research you still can't figure out which electric bicycle is right for you, Pete offers a service called Your Best Electric Bike. For a small fee, you can speak with him 1-on-1 to determine which electric bike is right for you. Tell him Trevor at Electric Bike City sent you!

If you're interested in shopping for an electric bike, check out our best sellers. These are electric bicycles that are tried and true. They have the functionality to have a great time at a price that is affordable.  


If you're interested in learning more about electric bicycles, check out our free electric bike buyer's guide.


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