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5 Most Powerful Electric Bikes In The World

Posted by Rommel Lim on

With great power comes great speed. There is no doubt that the most powerful electric bicycles are also the fastest. Contrary to what most people think, the fastest electric bicycles in the world today were actually built in garages and not in factory workshops. One can only speculate why. Maybe companies are not interested in making illegally fast electric bicycles because of accountability. Maybe there just isn’t enough profit in making fast and expensive electric bikes and most of them are treated as luxury. It could be that companies do not have enough innovation and wait for individuals to make a lot of bold steps forward. Whatever the reason is, DIY and custom-built garage-made bicycles are the fastest electric bicycles on the planet. Here are 5 of them.

5. Nyx Bike

Nyx Bikes is a Canadian company that has been part of the manufacturing game for over 25 years and is supported by many reputable companies in that area. In 2014, after years of development and after 4 prototypes, Nyx created the first carbon fiber electric bike frame kit. Nyx claims that the frame kit is a modern manufacturing standard never met before. The Nyx X14 electric bike is a bike that gives you the adrenaline rush when you need it. The Nyx Bike’s frame is made of carbon fiber that mixes mechanical and aesthetic appeal. The frame is the main pillar of all Nyx electric bikes and ensures optimal performance to all users.

Nyx X14 e-bike is composed of state of the art propulsion system. The MXUS V3 Turbo can keep a continuous 3000 W flow of power and can peak to 14000 W. By simply twisting the throttle, you can ride up to 95 km/h, go from 0 to 50 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and have a range of 80 km at 32 km/h. The hub motor can be upgraded with the QS 205H motor that would give you better acceleration and keep peak powers for a long period of time.

4. Caterham Carbon (BBSHD Version)

Materials and motivation from Caterham’s Formula One project have both been combined into a new machine that appeals to people in matters of character, design and style. The use of advanced techniques and the creativity of Alesssandro Tartarini has made the core of Caterham’s design into an electric bicycle that has a futuristic look with amazing ergonomics and safety combined. The center of the Carbon electric bicycle is a 36-volt, 250 watt brushless motor that powers up an 8-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub, with every gear ratio tweaked for the best acceleration.

The chassis is an amazing feature. It has a modular carbon aluminum frame where three different frame sizes and flexible ergonomics technology means that the Caterham Carbon E-Bike is going to be adaptable to the shape and the size of the rider. Carbon girder forks are going to keep the front wheel where it has to be as the mono-shocked rear-end makes sure of the efficient delivery of the power onto the Tarmac and at the same time providing a smooth, comfortable ride. It also has an LED dashboard that provides all the information that the rider needs, the status of the battery, the speed, the distance and the range of the battery. The wheels on the Caterham Carbon electric bicycle has lightweight but strong aluminum rims, with stainless steel spokes. Attached to the wheels is the braking system with robust, modern disc brakes both front and rear. Tires are also going to be performance-based with wide, carbon fiber tires for strength and integrity.

3. High Power Cycle Revolution

The high-power cycle (HPC) Revolution is a premier product of Hi-Power Cycles. It is a product that is over two years and five prototypes in the making. There were no costs spared in producing the ultimate Freeride electric bike on the market today. The Revolution is hand-welded and 100% made in the U.S. It is designed to be the fastest, most nimble, lightest and yet most powerful downhill electric bicycle found anywhere in the world. It all began with a handbuilt 6061-T6 aluminum frame which is hand welded part by part by a very renowned Aerospace welder in Los Angeles, California.

The group of engineers for the project are professionals in moto geometry and bicycles and also suspension frame performance. The amount of R&D, field testing and lab and suspension tuning places the Revolution way above its competition. There is not a single one off the shelf item for this frame. All parts, including bottom bracket, swingarm, headtube, seat tube, shock mounts are designed from CNC aluminum in low quantity. Weighing only 12.8 lbs., the Revolution frame is the lightest of them all in the industry.

The Revolution 5.0 has standard with top shelf components like the 203 mm travel Rockshox Boxxer RC dual crown fork, Vivid R2C Coil shock giving over 9” of frame travel. The highly respected Schlumpf Speed Drive allows an 85T equivalent front chainring using just the click of your heel. It has brushless, gearless DC Hub Motor, 5000W power system and can run up to 50 miles per hour reaching a maximum distance of 50 miles on a single battery charge.

2. Luna Cycle Ludicrous

The Luna Cycle Ludicrous has a Full Suspension Fat Tired Bike and a V2 featuring state-of-the-art made in the USA battery pack. It has magnetic Rosenberg charge connectors. It also has a BBSHD high power drive and a full color Luna Display. The Ludicrous has a gear sensor for smooth shifts even on full throttle. It has a 52V 17.5 ah Panasonic GA custom made high performance battery pack. It is equipped with a Luna Eclipse chain ring and a Luna advanced charger 300w with a Luna 30 pc tool kit. Also, remember that the bike is programmed for 1500 watts or 2000 watts for off road use.

The bike has a special 50 amp racing edition option. There is also a very special made in the USA only battery for this bike making its battery the ultimate in high performance and reliability. The pack also uses the latest technology in materials and construction making it waterproof as well as collision proof. The bicycle has been secretly tested by its manufacturers to work the BBSHD with the controller and offer the special Luna controller on complete bicycles because of the special needs that the controller needs in battery and programming. The Ludicrous Upgrade is only offered by the manufacturers to customers who are going to use the bike off-road and private property, as well as loyal customers who are already familiar with the power of this kind of mid drive.

Your bicycle is going to keep all the gentile characteristics of the normal BBSHD together with the pedal assist program setting. The unit has been specially programmed to take care of extra power and still have a smooth ride. Your bicycle is going to be the same as a regular BBSHD, except that the controller is different, but the bicycle is going to use the same firmware along with the Luna Hot Rod Program setting specially tweaked for the bike. The only difference is that the bicycle is going to have 50 amps for serious power rather than 30 amps. Top speed is going to be the same but you are going to have really high power torque that a stock BBSHD is not going to have.

1. Stealth Electric Bike

The Stealth Bomber electric bike is the most powerful and the highest end of the Stealth lineup of electric bikes manufactured by Stealth electric bikes. These electric bicycles are inspired by the actual stealth planes in the US military. The Stealth Bomber electric bike is perhaps the most rugged and most powerful electric bicycle available commercially. The bicycle weighs 116 lbs. and it is not the simplest thing to transport, that includes pedaling if your battery runs out. It has a lot of torque that hill climbing burnouts and wheelies are possible with just little effort. It, of course, depends on your weight and this is mostly applicable to people below 200 lbs. The bicycle also has great front and rear suspension as well as braking systems which could be upgraded. It has a big 1.5 kilowatt hour battery pack and a 4 hour fast charge system that could run around 110 to 240 volts.

Stealth gives a lifetime warranty for their rear and front suspension. The battery has only a year together with other components but that is not bad considering the punishment that the rear and front suspension takes on the road. The LCD on the bike is from Cycle Analyst and gives more advanced information regarding the battery condition (especially battery performance and capacity) compared to most electric bicycle computers. It is also backlit for riding at night and Stealth also offers a few optional headlights for the bicycle that really work well. Powering the bicycle is a 4,500 watt rear hub motor. The battery is a 1.5 kilowatt hour Lithium Iron Phosphate pack. It might be heavier than other batteries with the same amount of juice but it is definitely more stable and more durable.

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