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Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000

Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Best Bike for a Beginner with Bad Knees

Enjoying the outdoors in a leisurely manner is one of the most pleasant experiences that anybody could have, which is why having a bad knee or recovering from a knee injury can be a challenging and often frustrating time. The period between injury and rehabilitation is a really volatile stage that needs extra care and observation. Electric bikes can help with injury rehabilitation without compromising one’s freedom of movement and independence from too much aid. Electric bikes offer a solid platform to ease into activity following physical trauma without the added dangers of overworking one’s body. They provide a better alternative to simply hiding in your room as you slowly accumulate fat, watching National Geographic as your knees ache for... Read More

3 Tips For Keeping Your Electric Bike Running Smoothly

One thing that a lot of people find cool about electric bicycles is that they are very easy to maintain and to be kept in good condition all the time. When they do get damaged, it is very easy to repair them. This is not so with cars and bigger vehicles. Cars are so complex that you need to have some background in mechanics in order to keep them in good condition or repair them. Being able to repair and maintain your own e-bicycle is a way of saving more money and a huge advantage over expensive car maintenance. Here are 3 tips to keep your electric bike running smoothly. 1. The first tip is to keep your bicycle well-oiled.... Read More



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